threshing machine

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a farm machine for separating seeds or grain from the husks and straw

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Four or five teams and wagons would shuttle loads of wheat, oats, rye, or beans from the field to the threshing machine.
Case sets out for Wisconsin, eventually starting the Racine Threshing Machine Works.
Athough we still used a threshing machine, we had no need for a machine that large nor did anyone nearby have the knowledge to operate the steam engine.
Case Threshing Machine Company became the world's largest producer of steam engines by 1886.
There will be working displays around the Museum, pre 1950s tractors chugging along, horses toiling in the fields and carrying crops back to Home Farm, a threshing machine in operation and a host of vehicles and machinery of all shapes and sizes.
A tractor mounted machine for aerating and mixing bio-wastes, a tree pruner, an electric painting brush, improved plant varieties, a weaving machine and threshing machine for paddy were some of the selected innovations.
The walls were hung with photographs of ancient country folk, teams of shire horses hitched to ploughs, agricultural labourers lined up in front of a steam-driven threshing machine.
As Ali was feeding wheat into a 25 horse power threshing machine, the wind blew his clothing causing it to get caught in the thresher.
HARVEST TIME: A local hi-tech threshing machine The inside info comes from my mate Annabella at the BPI bank who says it's been unusually unrelenting.
The 54-year-old victim lost his arms six years ago in a threshing machine.
A Rolling Stone review compared the band's sound to 'a threshing machine devouring a military drum corps'.
This fun-packed day - a national annual celebration of the apple, orchards and local distinctiveness - included a host of traditional crafts-people demonstrating the arts of thatching, leather-working, wood-turning and a threshing machine.
A road accident while out training was followed by an incident in which he nearly lost a leg in a threshing machine on his farm in the Mid-West.
Like getting your falling into a threshing machine, selling Brian Lara ton-ups, telling the missus you've sold Brian Lara ton-ups or being married to Alex Ferguson.
On the hottest day of the year, the neighbors came with their teams and hayracks and drove around the field, loading the sheaves to bring to the monstrous, shuddering threshing machine.