threshing machine

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a farm machine for separating seeds or grain from the husks and straw

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There will be working displays around the Museum, pre 1950s tractors chugging along, horses toiling in the fields and carrying crops back to Home Farm, a threshing machine in operation and a host of vehicles and machinery of all shapes and sizes.
An accident with a threshing machine, he'd told her, from three or four lives ago.
A tractor mounted machine for aerating and mixing bio-wastes, a tree pruner, an electric painting brush, improved plant varieties, a weaving machine and threshing machine for paddy were some of the selected innovations.
Matthysse is a genuine threat, arguably more of a heavy puncher than fellow Argentine Marcos Maidana, if less of a threshing machine.
As Ali was feeding wheat into a 25 horse power threshing machine, the wind blew his clothing causing it to get caught in the thresher.
The 54-year-old victim lost his arms six years ago in a threshing machine.
This fun-packed day - a national annual celebration of the apple, orchards and local distinctiveness - included a host of traditional crafts-people demonstrating the arts of thatching, leather-working, wood-turning and a threshing machine.
His father had attended residential school in Beauval and at the age of 12 had lost his foot when it was caught in a threshing machine.
Like getting your falling into a threshing machine, selling Brian Lara ton-ups, telling the missus you've sold Brian Lara ton-ups or being married to Alex Ferguson.
As I wrote to Agnes, we went out working; we all three worked with a threshing machine [a machine that separates grain into seeds and straw].
In 1880 the Societe Co-operative de Vineuil was founded to purchase a threshing machine.
In another gallery, a bizarre sort of threshing machine continued its fruitless work next to a wall sculpture that consisted of open books haphazardly pasted onto a canvas.
Landis's other developments include a steam plow with ten blades, a threshing machine, machines to make concrete blocks, electric time clocks, a shock absorber for automobiles and a method for maintaining a constant water level in steam boilers.
Until the mid-20th century, the binder and threshing machine dominated in harvesting grain crops.