threshing floor

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a floor or ground area for threshing or treading out grain

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In 2 Chronicles 3:1, we see that in 957 BCE, King Solomon began to build the temple in the threshing floor of the property in Mount Moriah in Jerusalem bought by King David from Ornan.
Chronicles states that the threshing floor belonged to Ornan the Jebusite and that David called upon the Lord when he made the burnt offerings.
the encounter between Ruth and Boaz at night at the threshing floor (Ruth chap.
Like the biblical Ruth who lay at Boaz's feet on the threshing floor during the barley harvest, he is blessed for appreciating and identifying with another people's belief system, for taking their God as his own.
Many bands attacked us, hurling javelins, sling-stones, arrows, and stray stones in such numbers that they covered the courtyard and the surrounding ground like corn on a threshing floor.
Such statements imply that the beating of the calves (in the vignettes) can be interpreted (through voiced reading rather than sight) as beating the threshing floor using calves.
One of the men would haul the wheat to their family threshing floor, walking miles down stony paths behind their mule or donkey loaded with sheaves.
While thus [Gabriel] spake, the angelic squadron bright Turned fiery red, sharpening in mooned horns Their phalanx, and began to hem him round With ported spears, as thick as when a field Of Ceres ripe for harvest waving bends Her bearded grove of ears, which way the wind Sways them; the careful ploughman doubting stands Lest on the threshing floor his hopeful sheaves Prove chaff.
Grain was hauled to a barn where it was spread on a threshing floor and either beaten with hand flails or trampled by animals.
Wash and anoint yourself, put on your finest clothes, and go down to the threshing floor.
Bernard Rudofsky celebrated them in his 1964 exhibition and book, Architecture Without Architects, and showed how they are grouped around flat granite outcrops that serve as a communal threshing floor.
In my opinion B-D is much too confident about the dates in the life of David, and he locates the threshing floor of Nacon (2 Sam 6:6) inside the walls of the present old city--a guess at best.
Tenders are invited for Construction of threshing floor (open and covered) in red and laterite zone of west bengal at r.