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the separation of grain or seeds from the husks and straw

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And then, when the storm of twigs, leaves and dirt, caused by the leaping, threshing thing ceased for a moment, the onlookers saw something that filled them with terror.
His right arm, from the elbow down, looked as though it had gone through a threshing machine, what of the ravage wrought by claws and fangs.
The foresail and fore-topsail, emptied of the wind by the manoeuvre, and with no one to bring in the sheet in time, were thundering into ribbons, the heavy boom threshing and splintering from rail to rail.
There is, on a calm night, nothing more suggestive of fierce and headlong haste than the rapid sound made by the paddle-wheels of a boat threshing her way through a quiet sea; and the approach of Falk towards his fate seemed to be urged by an impatient and pas sionate desire.
Also it helps in the threshing and the separation of the foreign matter.
AN annual threshing day has cemented its place as a mustvisit event for vintage and collectible enthusiasts.
Procurement ,, Public Acquisition of Machinery and Equipment for Setting Up Experimental Fields and Test Plots Harvest Processing Ards Braila ,, = Drills for Sowing Plots in Dense Rows (For Straw Plant) 1 Piece = Drills for Sowing Plots in Rare Occasions (For Weeding Plants) - 1 Piece = Thresher Laboratory Furniture and the Open Ear to Ear Meant Threshing Seeds - 1 Piece = Thresher Furniture Destined for Laboratory and Open Field in Sheaves Threshed Seeds - 1 Piece = Staff Training Services Operating and Maintaining the Assets Acquired.
The examination of the scale and efficiency of different strategies, and the extent to which they are constrained by available labour and time, is especially enlightening, as it stresses the under-appreciation of the potential role of animal labour in threshing.
Team showcases low-tech threshing machine that may offer one solution to reducing poverty
Yet its embryo was as a threshing contract business, often running as many as 13 sets of threshing teams throughout Cleveland and County Durham.
In addition to automating the operation and diagnostics of the threshing concave position, sieve opening, unloading tube pivot point position, unloading spout position, straw chopper deflector plate position, etc.
As long as it involves a baseball bat, threshing machine, electrodes and 15,000 volts, I'll leave the details to you, Bradders.
With a bumper crop in sight, a threshing machine had to be made ready for both rye and wheat.
The Baldwin brothers, who operated a custom threshing business for farmers, designed their first Gleaner Baldwin combine so minimal repairs would be needed to keep it running.
He said that a harvester should properly be cleaned before and after threshing and also asked farmers not to keep seeds of the first two sacks.