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the separation of grain or seeds from the husks and straw

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Separation of cobs/ candle, harvesting of sorghum, bundle making of fodder, loading of fodder in trolley, drying & watching of cobs/ candle at threshing floor, threshing and weighing.
As a youngster, I always looked for-ward to the arrival of the threshing machine.
Wheat was planted using a McCormick grain drill, harvested with a McCormick reaper, threshed by a traveling threshing machine, and stored in bins in the granary until sold.
Harvesting of corn requires specific conditions and the fine-tuning of combine-harvester threshing apparatus.
A man who I think was my boss's uncle ran a custom threshing ring.
At local level farmers seek help from family members and relatives to complete the process of crops harvesting and threshing.
Hundreds of visitors descended an a sun-bathed Ruthin Mart for this year's Dyffryn Ial Threshing Day.
As about 8,000 people watched, 750 volunteers operated a record-breaking 139 antique threshing machines, simultaneously harvesting a field of winter wheat in 15 minutes during the 62nd Manitoba Thresherman's Reunion & Stampede at the Manitoba Agricultural Museum.
As hot and dry weather is expected in most ports of the country the farmers should complete wheat harvesting and threshing.
His topics include crop harvesting data and plant properties, cereal threshing and separating processes: threshing units, the separation process and operation of straw walkers, the grain conveying process and equipment, crop residue chopping and spreading, the dynamic modeling of material flow in a combine harvester, and guiding and controlling autonomous combine harvesters.
As your article "From Field to Flour: How to Grow Wheat" (April/May 2014) indicated, threshing wheat can be a challenge, and we definitely struggled to find the best way to do it.
Mechanical wheat threshing has gained a spectacular popularity in Pakistan over a short span of time and so is the population of beater-wheat threshers that are being manufactured and marketed by the roadside vendors with little scientific and engineering experience.
I would like to comment on the Threshing Folk item by Donald T.
Effects of different beater- as spike-tooth, lama-tooth and wire loop-, and concave- PVC and chrome- types used in threshing of Cicer arietinum L.
I found this old photograph of a threshing scene amongst my late father's collection.