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large pelagic shark of warm seas with a whiplike tail used to round up small fish on which to feed

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amp;nbsp;Reports also stated thresher sharks are not a protected species in Mexico.
Age and growth of the bigeye thresher shark, Alopias superciliosus, from the pelagic longline fisheries in the tropical northeastern Atlantic Ocean, determined by vertebral band counts.
Thresher sharks are found in all temperate and tropical oceans of the world and are usually solitary creatures who keep themselves to themselves, and can be seen jumping out of the water like a dolphin.
David Thomas, third from left, from Bryncethin, Bridgend, caught the biggest thresher shark ever landed in Welsh waters
Dr Simon Oliver, founder of the Thresher Shark Research and Conservation Project and a researcher based at University of Liverpool, filmed pelagic thresher sharks as they hunted off Pescador Island in the Philippines.
Santi Roberts, "Seafood Watch Seafood Report: Monterey Bay Aquarium--Sharks and Dogfish with a Focus on Blacktip shark (Carcharhinus limbatus), Sandbar shark (Carcharinus plumbeus), Common thresher shark (Alopias vulpinus), Shortfin mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus), Spiny dog-fish (Squalus acanthias), Dusky smooth hound (smooth dogfish) (Mustelus canis)" (21 December 2005, with stock update as of 4 October 2010) at 93-96.
Thresher sharks Another shark species you might be fortunate enough to see surfing off Gower is the thresher shark - now listed as vulnerable due to over fishing for its highly-prized meat.
With a continuous food supply, thresher shark embryos feed during the entire developmental period and do not acquire the distended yolk stomachs of sand tiger shark and mako embryos.
The thresher shark was found on Hayle beach, in Cornwall, by the surfers who thought it was a dolphin.
The thresher shark was found on Hayle beach by surfers who thought it was a dolphin.
Had it been a thresher shark, they could have kept it.
the pelagic thresher shark, one of the rarest sharks in the wild; as well as others.
Phillips told of once grabbing a huge thresher shark by the tail and getting swatted around the boat before another crewman shot it in the head with a gun.
A THRESHER shark believed to be the biggest ever caught will be auctioned at a UK fish market this morning.
The thresher shark was not believed to pose any threat to humans, but it sent hundreds of swimmers scrambling out of the water and led to the closure of a large area of the beach on the busy Labour Day holiday weekend.