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Synonyms for thresh

to beat (plants) with a machine or by hand to separate the grain from the straw


to swing about or strike at wildly

thresh out: to speak together and exchange ideas and opinions about

Synonyms for thresh

move or stir about violently

move like a flail


Related Words

beat the seeds out of a grain

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The company's decision to bring cold green tea to the UK was spawned from a trip by Hannon and co-founder Anthony Thresh to Japan in the late nineties, where green tea was already hugely popular.
Thresh - real name Dennis Fong - is a professional hi-tech game player.
See the family, dressed in replica Tudor clothing, prepare and cook food, wash clothes, hand-milk sheep and cows, thresh in the big barn and much more.
He was up against eight other Mr and Mrs Clauses at the X-mas Factor auditions, which were the brainchild of the hotel's general manager Andrew Thresh and its Christmas coordinator Rebecca Whitehead.
Commenting on whether the soft drinks fixture was becoming overcrowded, co-founder Anthony Thresh believes that where drinks are genuinely innovative through ingredients, packaging or the occasion for use, then it is adding value to the fixture.
We'll find how the public views these and really try to develop a consensus as to what types of regulatory thresh holds will be developed for these new SEA (significant ecological area) boundaries,'' Striplin said.
She said Thresh ``goaded'' her into leaving the Hilton Edinburgh Airport hotel.
Mr Saunders also supplied the traction engine and at harvest travelled the region, including the Coventry area, to thresh corn.
The Kunming factory will have the capacity to thresh and redry in excess of 100 million pounds of tobacco leaf annually.
ELVIS LIVES: Euan Durrell from Talgarth with Elvis, his Muscovy duck, at the Royal Welsh Smallholders and Garden Festival Pictures: Richard Stanton; SUMMERY: The Western Mail eco-bag which will be available at various events; LUNCH MUNCH: A nanny goat enjoys her lunch at the 2008 Smallholder Show held at the Royal Welsh Showground in Builth Wells; THRESH FAIR: Clem Davies from Walton gives a demonstration of old time threshing with help from the Radnor Valley Vintage Club
I've come across a few ways to thresh grains on a small scale, but this is the one I've settled on: a 4' x 4' piece of 1/2" hardware cloth tacked down in a temporary fashion to a 4' x 4' piece of plywood.
Then, in spring we would thresh in order to produce seedcorn.
General manager Andrew Thresh was literally thrown in at the deep end so the six-strong lifeguard team could practise rescue and resuscitation techniques.
Back then, big breweries used hundreds of horse-drawn wagons instead of trucks, and a man walked behind a plow pulled by a horse or mule to break up the earth for planting, and neighbors got together to thresh each man's wheat, going from farm to farm in turn with a horse-powered threshing machine.