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Synonyms for thresh

to beat (plants) with a machine or by hand to separate the grain from the straw


to swing about or strike at wildly

thresh out: to speak together and exchange ideas and opinions about

Synonyms for thresh

move or stir about violently

move like a flail


Related Words

beat the seeds out of a grain

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When asked about what retailers can do to promote their drinks fixtures, Thresh feels that in a world of mass consumption, there is a shift towards something different, something individual.
Twenty-one year-old James Page (aka Billox) won and had the dubious privilege of being thrashed by Thresh in a match.
Thresh - real name Dennis Fong - is a professional hi-tech game player.
One case in point is the proposal to raise the appraisal thresh old level from $100,000 to $250,000 It is a shortsighted solution that could result in disastrous consequences for everybody including lending institutions, depositors," stockholders, home buyers, and taxpayers.
The Indiana man claimed the machine couldn't thresh more than 30 bushels a day and called it "a Yankee humbug
General manager Andrew Thresh was literally thrown in at the deep end so the six-strong lifeguard team could practise rescue and resuscitation techniques.
Hotel general manager Andrew Thresh said that the new rooms would make North Tyneside the biggest of the current 14 Village hotels in the UK.