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a song or hymn of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person

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Flickering Mind," "Two Threnodies and a Psalm," in ibid.
As proof of the above mentioned, De Martino's own ethnological field research, which is not limited to collecting the social labour songs of the Italian workers, or particular traditions of debatable origin, such as tarantinism typical for one particular province of Italy, or threnodies and funeral marches of the Italian people.
His organ works are quite magnificent, as is his piano music, and the Quartet for the End of Time is perhaps his masterpiece, with fine contrasts between the chattering birdsong and the hypnotic threnodies from cello and violin.
Painters have depicted scenes for us, musicians have composed their threnodies to lament the perished; even movie makers have taken their turn at documenting and/or re-creating those brutalities.
When her sister became pregnant and the truth oozed forth, Kathy had taken to the streets barefoot moaning, screaming, slapping herself in the face and singing low-high warbling threnodies on the horrid betrayal of her husband and sister mistress.
Four pages later we find: "Liszt played to Wagner some of his recent piano compositions, including Les jeux d'eaux, the 'Cypress' Threnodies, and the Angelus