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a song or hymn of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person

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The Eye of the Earth is a threnodic evocation of the tragic depredations of our natural being by urbanizing, and/or modernizing and who, rather than plough the earth, plunders it.
When she gives him the gun, Althea challenges Michael to pick up the gun anytime he thinks he can make a better world, taunting him with the threnodic question, "How does it feel?
Like Johnson, Kirk had a naturally threnodic soul, as free from capitalist as from Rousseauist arrogance.
in 1946") (4)--an understanding of tragedy ("eliciting of the play's threnodic essence"), and a denial of a potential reading ("The Colonial Factor is an incident, a catalytic incident merely" [Soyinka 1975, 7]).
It is a universal apologia spoken for all sons who have both loved and hated their fathers, rebelled against the rigor of the past, valorized the sanctity of their youth, which must dutifully be performed at a time when reflection on that relationship, especially in the dawn of one's own evening, begs for a more merciful rendering and these first two movements, "Landscape" and "Eulogy for My Father," both reconstitute the past and try to reconcile it in a poetic way that recalls Soyinka's admonition in reference to his own Death and the King's Horseman that one pay particular attention to the threnodic essence of the work.