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of or relating to vehicles having three wheels


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In December 2016, Joel Lising, a leader of Pagkakaisa ng mga Triwheel Operators Para Sa Kabuhayan-and who was active in the campaign against the phaseout and crackdown on three-wheeled vehicles-was killed.
United States-based Elios Motors has reportedly increased the investment requirements necessary to produce its three-wheeled automobile.
This will be the first test-drive opportunity of the three-wheeled, zero CO2 emission i-Road for Toyota Onramp attendees.
After a meeting between the Transportation Division in the Federation of Egyptian Industries (FEI), the Industrial Development Authority (IDA) and the General Traffic Administration, the source added that Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality has placed standard specifications for three-wheeled cars.
Police originally said the students, aged 15-16, were traveling in the van, but later said they were in the three-wheeled vehicle, called an auto rickshaw.
He passed the driving test which allows him to drive four-wheeled cars instead of three-wheeled cars last month on the third attempt.
But around the time of the First World War the three-wheeled vehicle was very popular - they were a bit cheaper and there were tax breaks.
The three-wheeled TORQ Roadster will coast 65,000 dollars, the New York Daily News reported.
Eight states--Idaho, Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and Wisconsin--have followed Minnesota's lead and now have similar laws that allow a motorcycle, bicycle, scooter, moped or three-wheeled vehicle to go through a red light after a certain amount of time if the intersection is clear.
Huw Howatson, a former civil engineer, has swapped his luxury car for a three-wheeled Piaggio Ape to spread the word about Gwyl Gobaith, an outdoor musical festival set to be held at Glyndwer University's Northop campus.
In fact, participants at a 2007 Motorcycle Travel Symposium sponsored by NHTSA and the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) cited transportation infrastructure and how it detects and counts two-and three-wheeled vehicles as a key problem area for traffic engineers.
The Reinke Three-Wheel Flex Base is a three-wheeled tower base with hinge mechanism for use on center-pivot and lateral-move irrigation systems.
Three-wheeled vehicles are not a new invention - Richard Trevithick, before he built the Penydarren locomotive, constructed a steam driven road vehicle, the Puffing Devil, said to be the world's first powered passenger car before fire destroyed it while its owner was drinking in a nearby pub.
This is a great opportunity for us to advance the work done to date on hydrogen-ICE fueled scooters and three-wheeled taxis, both of which use our proprietary solid-state metal hydride storage systems onboard," said Stanford R.
Well, the latest incarnation of the three-wheeled two-seater is the Vandenbrink Carver, a kind of car/bike hybrid.