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Synonyms for three-wheel

of or relating to vehicles having three wheels

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Ifad Motors Limited is marketing the CNG-run three-wheel auto-rickshaws produced by Indian TVS Motor Company, it added.
The source added that the Egyptian Organization for Standardization and Quality placed standard specifications for the three-wheel vehicle with the Transportation Division of Federation of Egyptian Industries, Industrial Development Authority, and the Traffic Department.
The three-wheel Peugeot Metropolis can be ridden on a car licence
The TT winners certainly won't be having things all their own way as seasoned Mount regulars Rod Bellas and Glen Dawson, Tony Thirkell and Nigel Barlow and Greg Lambert and Dean Kilkenny are likely to be challenging all the way to the chequered flags over the two days of racing to take the three-wheel honours.
Infineon is positioning the TLE808x in emerging market countries in Asia, Africa and South America, where motorcycles and three-wheel taxis--often those still burning fuel with the assistance of a carburetor--still dominate.
Strike Motors Australia, an automotive company, asked Design+Industry to turn its concept for a three-wheel vehicle into a commercially manufacturable automobile.
This small Texas brewery cut damage by 20% and raised productivity substantially by adding a multi-purpose three-wheel electric lift truck to its fleet.
THESE may be hard times, but most of us would take quite a bit of persuading to drive the less-than-lovely three-wheel ZAP Xebra electric car.
The OAP has tootled around in a three-wheel Reliant for the past 15 years - but that only requires a motorbike licence.
The three-wheel T3Motion scooters are designed specifically for use by the military and law enforcement.
IN the year that Piaggio celebrates 60 years of the Vespa, they've come up with a three-wheel PIAGGIO MP3.
Forget chauffeur-driven limousines, a new service is now offering the chance to be driven aboard a three-wheel motorbike.
Mitsubishi Forklift Trucks has announced the introduction of its FB16NT-FB20NT series of 100% (AC) powered, three-wheel electric forklift trucks.
TRANSLIFT has launched the B3, a three-wheel, electric Bendi forklift truck for the mass market.
Many prefer to utilize four-wheel vehicles, yet require electric vehicles that can operate in confined and restricted areas, demanding the turning performance normally associated with three-wheel vehicles.