three-mile limit

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the limit of a nation's territorial waters

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One potential example of such a rule is the same three-mile limit that Professors Goldsmith and Posner critically examine.
Being able to expand that reach beyond the traditional three-mile limit from the wire center for existing ADSL customers will demonstrate our seriousness about being a full-service telecommunications company.
Thus, this three-mile limit is a concrete example of the core meaning of the term "sovereignty.
The first nation to establish a three-mile limit seaward zone was the United States in 1794.
He was taken to court, but a judge ruled that the platform was outside the three-mile limit of territorial waters, so the government couldn't touch him.
originated vessels that pass the three-mile limit without permission of the local port captain.
States, however, have resisted this development, successfully extending their territorial control vertically up into air space, and horizontally out into the sea, beyond the traditional three-mile limit.
As soon as we hit the three-mile limit, three tables and one-armed bandits opened for business on the main deck.
But catch and season limits under the act didn't apply to waters within the traditional three-mile limit -- control there was left to the states, some of which were lax.
Please note that there is a three-mile limit out to sea.
Israeli naval forces frequently harass Palestinian fishermen who near the three-mile limit, as well as those inside the zone.
To offset these challenges, the industry acknowledges, the State of Alaska has done a good job of making lands available for exploration on state lands in the central slope area, including the state-owned submerged lands offshore to the three-mile limit.
they don't overshoot the three-mile limit specified by the Israeli occupation
More than 80 pupils in Carlin How and Skinningrove will be hit hard by a proposed three-mile limit.
Israeli forces opened fire at the boats off North-west Gaza as the fishermen approached the three-mile limit Israel imposes along the coastline, said Mahfouth Kabariti, head of a federation for fishermen and water sports.