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having or as if having three legs

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COULD you give a home to this loving three-legged lurcher called Fern?
Can two men and one pair of three-legged trousers solve the problems of the Middle East?
Have you ever seen a three-legged buffalo on a nickel?
But the most heart-wrenching story revolves around Daphne, a three-legged dog adopted from Thailand by David and Khaya.
Walking With The Wounded is encouraging schools across the region to be a part of a new Guinness World Record attempt for the largest Three-Legged Race with the most pairs/multiple locations.
They include Katie Jane Stewart's three-legged kitten Plushy, who posted: "Not being lazy but I only have one front leg.
The vehicle is a three-legged prototype that resembles an actual flight lander design.
A THREE-legged fancy dress pub crawl was held in memory of young friends who have died.
A THREE-legged dog who was hit by a car and left homeless has been given the best Christmas present ever - a loving new family.
A THREE-LEGGED dog is looking for more than sympathy - she'd love a new home too.
A THREE-LEGGED dog from a Powys farm has been named farm dog of the year by the NFU.
Summary: A three-legged sheepdog has been crowned farm dog of the year.
The kindergarten boys had their own share of fun in different races which included hurdle, three-legged, ring balance and ball holding with neck.
While in traditional track events athletes run forwards, in Paddy Games they ran backwards, were three-legged, blindfolded, wore Wellington boots, and competed with broken legs.