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Synonyms for three-dimensional


Synonyms for three-dimensional

involving or relating to three dimensions or aspects

having three dimensions


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Three-dimensionally printed models of bone have been used as a scaffold for tissue reconstruction in orthopedic surgical procedures.
Obviously, the impact on the research of artificial electromagnetic LHM would be enormous if a three-dimensionally isotropic and homogeneous material of simultaneously negative permittivity and permeability can be realized in optical frequency ranges by using new schemes, e.
Other topics include a first-principles study of oxygen deficiency in rutile titanium dioxide, fabricating three-dimensionally ordered macroporous and mesoporous titania monoliths by a dual-templating approach, the ellipsometric characterization of thin nanocomposite films with tunable refractive index for biochemical sensors, rational designs with nanocomposites based on titanium dioxide for solar photocatalytic purification, and high efficiency front-illuminated nanotube-based dye-sensitive solar cells.
Set at a seven-degree angle, the three-dimensionally shaped lever commands attention as well.
The diagrid structure is revealed three-dimensionally as it reaches the ground with lobby entries and storefronts set between large diagonal steel members, dramatically juxtaposing the monumental scale of the tower with the finer textured pedestrian surfaces," read a statement from the company.
It is able to apply the coating not only vertically and horizontally, but also three-dimensionally, for instance, for mirror housings.
Unopened, Snapplicator lies fiat and when in use, the applicator pops up three-dimensionally to offer a maximum wiping surface with the applicator.
The vehicle features an M sports braking system, 18-inch light alloy wheels, large air intakes with three-dimensionally designed flaps, dark chrome-trimmed twin tailpipes and a Ferric Grey finish to the mirror caps.
From the outside, the new design is cleaner and more distinctive with sharper lines to the bonnet, the grille is more tapered and the Audi rings up front are highlighted three-dimensionally.
From the outside the new design is cleaner and more distinctive with sharper lines to the bonnet, the grille is more tapered and the Audi rings up front are highlighted three-dimensionally.
The company's KF-30 automatic measurement system has been developed to detect and profile the surfaces of different materials using a non-contact confocal measuring technique, and then display the results three-dimensionally A typical application for the KF-30 is in dental research, where the system is used to measure the biting surfaces of dental implants and analyse the resulting abrasions.
TOKYO - Japanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa posted his first Twitter messages from space Tuesday, marveling at the roominess felt inside the International Space Station as it can be used three-dimensionally due to zero gravity, while also revealing that he was suffering from space motion sickness.
However, market demand for three-dimensionally balanced rollers providing a roll map and for rollers having low rotating material mass to improve stop and start-up behavior at high bending stiffness is increasing continuously.
Wainwright said he typically sketches three-dimensionally in clay, and the idea to have the interior and the exterior of the bowl mimic the interior and exterior of the actual dome came together very easily.
As a result, as cars approach, the child appears to rise up three-dimensionally in the street.