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Synonyms for three-dimensionality

the property of having three dimensions

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Kwon-glazed armorial porcelain is a combination of Chinese and Western elements: bright colors, Jincai application (a technique in Chinese porcelain), fine craftsmanship, and successful three-dimensionality achieved by applying the Western technique used in oil painting.
The resulting platinum images, which when properly preserved can last thousands of years, exhibit an expanded tonal range and three-dimensionality.
Holographic foil stamping on the front and top panels gives the illusion of depth and three-dimensionality.
The rings remain open 24[degrees] to our view, and since Saturn is at eastern quadrature (90[degrees] east of the Sun) on August 21st, the shadow of the globe on the rings is at its maximum extent this month, accentuating the planet's three-dimensionality.
While John White and others have focused particularly on the treatment of rectangular objects creating three-dimensionality on a two-dimensional plane, Bokody does not discuss the development of perspective.
Compositionally rich, his works, whether sculptures or decorative vessels, transfer some of the painting trends of his time from canvas to glazed ceramic, giving three-dimensionality to concepts that his contemporary viewers might have been used to seeing flat.
To examine the three-dimensionality of flagellar movement of spermatozoa attached to a glass slide by their heads, the 100x DL objective was used because of its shallow depth of focus (approximately 0.
You can get good shots in the middle of the day, but I prefer to shoot with early morning or late afternoon light, when the sunlight is raking across gardens, throwing shadows which add three-dimensionality and depth to your photos.
I suppressed a lot of my own instinct for three-dimensionality.
Each student glues the ring onto the finished project, which adds three-dimensionality to the composition.
To illuminate these iconic elements, HLB selected halogen uplights set in a ring formation inside the fountain, "bringing a three-dimensionality to the space," says Aghassian.
To move through the ten sections of this themed exhibition is, then, to witness the expressive possibilities of three-dimensionality under the pressure of antiquity's inspiration as explored and developed by the artists of this final phase of Florence's civic culture as the new Athens, Rome, and Jerusalem all rolled into one.
The vessel's surface was carved, which enhanced its three-dimensionality and set up a palpable tension.
The perspective, which leads to an open window overlooking a mountain landscape, creates a masterfully deceptive composition that approaches total three-dimensionality.
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