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a three-dimensional shape


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The intent is to have students explore connections between two- and three-dimensional figures.
One side of the statue, made by sculptor Antonio Tobias Mendez, shows a larger-than-life, three-dimensional figure of Major Taylor standing next to his bicycle in front of a velodrome in Australia.
She doesn't downplay the burglars' criminal intentions, and by providing a brief background to Daniel's reasons for seeking justice outside official channels, she makes him a more three-dimensional figure.
The works' namesake, British mathematician Percy John Heawood, labored over this and related problems (which originated in cartography) in the years surrounding the turn of the last century; at one point, exploring three dimensional forms, he determined that no more than eight fields of color can abut one another on the surface of a double torus (a volume shaped, in accidental analogy, exactly like a three-dimensional figure eight).
Ferrero, who plays Wayne Ferriera of South African in the quarter-finals after defeating Mario Ancic 6-0, 6-3, 6-2, made his name on clay, but is now a three-dimensional figure with ability on all surfaces.
gain an understanding of how to create a three-dimensional figure using wire, papier-mache and mixed media.
Figure Editor is where you pose a three-dimensional figure to resemble the dancer in your mind.
But this lifelike three-dimensional figure is, astonishingly, no larger than a red blood cell, it was disclosed yesterday.
Students will design features on a two-dimensional net to identify parts of the three-dimensional figure.
A major focus is the artist's experimentation with three-dimensional figures and her use of the circle.
Participants symbolically placed three-dimensional figures of themselves and their partner on a computer screen, with closer placement meaning a lower score and more cohesive relationship.
practice observational drawing by looking at an actual person and by looking at other two- and three-dimensional figures.
Unlike "The Lego Movie,'' which employed stop-action animation along with CGI, "The Simpsons'' stayed away from three-dimensional figures that would have increased the difficulty of production, Selman said.
Three-dimensional figures and models from key stories such as The Last Supper and Noah's Ark have been created by a team of nimble-fingered churchgoers using needle and wool.
But it is the archaeological, particularly Egyptian, precedent which has for some time motivated Brown to depart from her long-standing fascination with the reduction of three-dimensional figures towards two dimensions but, not as bas-reliefs, always in the round.
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