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Synonyms for three-dimensional


Synonyms for three-dimensional

involving or relating to three dimensions or aspects

having three dimensions


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A protein begins as a chain of amino acids, which then folds into a three-dimensional form.
Although standard CT imaging is the norm, a three-dimensional reconstruction benefits surgical planning and reconstruction by accurately defining the extent of disease.
Suppose doctors want to examine a three-dimensional image of the human brain.
Comparative protein modeling predicts a protein's unique three-dimensional structure, representing the shape into which the protein naturally folds, and also indicates the protein's biological function.
The main aim of this paper is to simulate three-dimensional mathematical structures with mathematical software package using thermal oxidation process and to examine the selection of the three-dimensional integrated element in the three-dimensional integrated circuits [2-4]
By creasing the pattern in the right combination of mountains and valleys at the lines within each spidron arm and leaving a small hole at the center of each hexagon to allow movement, he crinkled the whole array into a dramatic three-dimensional relief.
Gholson, who learned to sew clothes as a child, learned Brazilian embroidery, a three-dimensional floral needlework art that uses unique stitches and various types of floss, when she was in her 70s.
For the past few years the project has been searching for a practical barrier material to allow them to vertically stack junctions in order to make three-dimensional arrays.
Patents numbered 7,079,678 and 7,085,411 which disclose methods of three-dimensional inspection that allow ball grid array ("BGA") devices to be manufactured more precisely and efficiently.
As the two nearly identical craft, known as Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO), slowly separate during their mission, they will observe the corona from different perspectives and provide the first three-dimensional views of the sun's outer atmosphere.
With advances in x-ray microtomography, it is now possible to obtain three-dimensional representations of a material's microstructure with a voxel size of less than one micrometer.
As new business uses for the Internet erupt, the lusterless, two-dimensional computer desktop display is rapidly giving way to a richer, three-dimensional representation that can be simultaneously viewed by dozens or even hundreds of computer users.
Hales, who is now at the University of Pittsburgh, figured out how to stack three-dimensional oranges.
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