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Synonyms for three-decker

made with three slices of usually toasted bread

any ship having three decks

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a warship carrying guns on three decks

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Because rents and sales in Central Massachusetts have also been stagnant, he said, doing a proper rehab of a three-decker is not a great investment for an investor, and for many couples and single people it has become a huge barrier.
He said people are still buying three-deckers in need of repairs, but added they are only doing cosmetic work on them for the most part to avoid the sprinkler requirement.
A huge majority of these three-deckers in the city need to be totally gutted and that is where this sprinkler law kicks in,'' he said.
Twenty-three years later it still stands today because of a quality rehab, something most of these old three-deckers are in dire need of,'' he said.
The largest of the five fires was in the vacant three-decker building on Cohasse St.
grow from a diner on the first floor of a three-decker to a much larger business?
WORCESTER -- A two-alarm fire in a three-decker at 80 Gage St.
Riley, the Fire Department chaplain; the placing of a floral wreath on the chain-link fence that surrounds the vacant lot where the three-decker stood; and the striking of the last alarm.
WORCESTER Co A single-alarm fire damaged a three-decker at 101 Endicott St.
WORCESTER -- Fire heavily damaged a three-decker on Beaver Brook Parkway Wednesday night, displacing the building's eight residents.
Harvey, who was responsible for several buildings in Worcester in his time, including a firehouse and several wood-frame three-deckers.
Of course, Worcester has long had an infatuation with its neighborhoods, one-of-a-kind bars, classic three-deckers, and industrial remnants -- from gently used to much abused.
Razed three-deckers leave unsightly gaps in some of Worcester's neighborhoods.
Decades ago, three-deckers served factory workers, immigrants and others of modest means.
The regulations could be amended to allow for lower standards only on parcels that previously held three-deckers.