three-base hit

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a base hit at which the batter stops safely at third base

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5) The 14 variables collected are at-bats, runs, hits, walks (BB), strikeouts, two-base hits, three-base hits, home runs, sacrifice hits, sacrifice flies, ground into double or triple plays, stolen bases, caught stealing, and hit by pitch (HBP).
Crawford has been the all-time record holder for career triples since he set the mark in 1913, ending the year with 251 lifetime three-base hits.
Richar had two triples in Saturday's game and has five three-base hits in his last three games.
The only record that did not fall and still stands today is the triples mark: the record is 22 three-base hits in 1962.
In 1977, Rice led the junior circuit with 39 homers and his 15 three-base hits that year ranked second in the A.
Triple the fun: Oli Keohohou tripled to set a Southern Section record for three-base hits in a doubleheader sweep of Buena on Wednesday.
Listed below are each of Wilson's three-base hits in 1912.