three-banded armadillo

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South American armadillo with three bands of bony plates

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So the hedgehog has developed exactly the same technique as the completely unrelated three-banded armadillo and curls up in a ball -- in the Ethiopian Hedgehog's case a particularly tight and impenetrable ball -- presenting the assailant with a seamless sea of intimidating spines.
FIFA say the mascot represents the three-banded armadillo, an endangered species native to Brazil.
The most cited animals in this category were the three-banded armadillo, Spix's yellow-toothed cavy and rock cavy, which are commonly consumed as food by this community.
A three-banded armadillo uses its body shield to protect its tender areas from predators.
The flexible three-banded armadillo rolls itself up into a ball as impenetrable as an armored truck.
To illustrate how the three-banded armadillo of Argentina defends itself, we cut to an innocent armadillo idly making his way across a polo field while there was a match being played.