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by a factor of three


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Ten fella three times, Billy," Sheldon said encouragingly, though there was a certain metallic rasp in his voice.
Plenty strong big fella too much ten fella three times.
The Poodle, to show that he understood, wagged his silk-covered tail two or three times and set off at a quick pace.
Now the Golden Cap is yours, and three times you have the right to lay your wishes upon us.
Three times that afternoon he had dressed himself in a tail-coat, and three times he had discarded it for an old dressing-gown; three times he had placed his pearl tie-pin in position, and three times he had removed it again, the little looking-glass in his room being the witness of these changes of mind.
Yes, my lord; she came three times, whilst I was a child, to my nurse's house; I remember the last time she came as well as if it were to-day.
And now each man stepped forward and shot in turn; but though each shot well, Little John was the best of all, for three times he struck the clout, and once only the length of a barleycorn from the center.
It's very trying to have a drunken husband, you see; and it must be very trying to have twins three times in succession, don't you think?
So the old woman had to strike again three times upon the ground with the rod, and the next morning the garden was there.
There is a verbatim account of a report made to me by your Brigadier-General, in which it seems that in the fighting under his command you were three times apparently taken prisoner, three times you apparently escaped; the information which you brought back led to at least two disasters; the information which exactly at the time you were absent seemed to come miraculously into the hands of the enemy, resulted in even greater trouble for us.
NORTH EAST Brew one minute 19 seconds, prefer semi-skimmed milk, and dunk bags three times.
The low diversity order at the destination and low broadcasting degree at the source reduces the performance of previous AF two time slots and three times slots TDMA based protocols and has several limitations.
A new telly station have 3000 episodes of Crossroads and plan to show the much-maligned soap three times a day.
The Three Times Moving trilogy began on April 28th, 2014 with Three Times Moving: The Kiss Through Time.
Not only did he win the world championship three times, but he won driving his own car, which is a feat I suspect will never be matched.