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Synonyms for threateningly

in a menacing manner


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The latest power-up Honda RC213Vs had also been threateningly fast and consistent, with satellite-team rider Cal Crutchlow of LCR Honda the best of them, finished fourth overall.
There is a threateningly alarming increasing level and dose of distrust.
The trial of a Cowie woman accused of behaving threateningly and putting people in danger while at the wheel of a white van during last summer's General Election has been postponed.
This was expressed by US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson during his visit to Pakistan, reiterated by Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis and most recently directed threateningly towards Pakistan by Vice President Mike Pence during his unannounced Christmas dash to Afghanistan.
Diana Bregenza approached me threateningly and intimidating me to not vote.
What's it to you," he threateningly replied with tattooed biceps.
They also spoke threateningly and gave the impression that they did not care even if the family reported the matter to police.
With its weapons manned threateningly, the Iranian vessel came within 1,000 meters of the Mahan during the incident, the lieutenant said.
But he's also certain that she's a psychopath--clinically, threateningly, dangerously.
In my nightmares, Eichmann is holding my throat and trying to choke me, while he looks into my eyes threateningly, shaking his finger as if to say, 'I'll show you,'" claimed the prison guard, who is now 81, in a letter from his lawyer.
Why didn't he play as threateningly in the middle of yesterday's game as he started and, to a lesser extent, ended it?
Fellow officers portrayed McDonald as waiving a knife threateningly right before Van Dyke fired.
However, it is hoped that the implementation of this project will be guaranteed without any obstacles that loom so threateningly ahead.
The stormtroopers turned threateningly towards the audience with guns at the ready when the registrar asked if anyone had any reason why the pair should not be wed.