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Synonyms for threatening

Synonyms for threatening

expressing, indicating, or warning of an impending danger or misfortune

Synonyms for threatening

threatening or foreshadowing evil or tragic developments

darkened by clouds

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In February, the Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced the Lebanese defendant to three months in jail for threatening the Iranian [who was his co-worker] verbally and in writing.
Prosecutors charged the policeman with drinking, cursing and threatening the corporal.
Ennis of Croftwood Park, Ballyfermot, pleaded guilty at Dublin Circuit Criminal Court to threatening to kill or cause serious harm to Gda Ryan and Gda Doyle at his home on January 13, 2014.
The victim claimed she possessed a recording of the woman official threatening her.
BEIRUT: MP Strida Geagea has filed a suit against unnamed persons who allegedly made threatening phone calls and sent letters demeaning Geagea and threatening her life, her office announced Friday.
A plausible explanation of the wrongfulness of threatening, advanced most explicitly by Mitchell Berman, is that the wrongfulness of threatening derives from the wrongfulness of the act threatened.
The defendant admitted during interrogation that he was intoxicated when he sent the abusive and threatening text messages.
The most threatening process is man-induced habitat loss, mostly the conversion of natural habitats for agriculture or livestock use.
Under the terms of the injunction, Byrne was banned from threatening to use violence against his named neighbours or any person living at or visiting their home.
An increase from only several dozen per year in the mid-1990s to approximately 400 in 2005 alone aptly illustrates the significant rise in the number of threatening communications and COCs received by BAU-1 during the past several years.
We are working hard to tell everyone that workers do have the right to demonstrate and we are hearing the union is threatening its workers,'' Fujioka said.
While not directly threatening, the response of the crew and the other passengers could cause the situation to escalate.
It amazes and offends me that some bishops threaten to boycott the meeting of Lambeth in 2008 if the bishop of New Hampshire's participation is expected and sought as genuinely by Canterbury as is the participation of the threatening bishops.
And I have to wonder: What in this religious woman, this spiritual mother and grandmother, this sister to the poor and dispossessed, was so threatening that someone had to execute her?
He agrees that overgrazing has become a problem, but argues that an increase in the Barbary macaque population is threatening cedar forests.