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(of flora or fauna) likely in the near future to become endangered

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Larsan had threatened Darzac as he had threatened Mathilde--with the same weapon, and the same threats.
not a drop of rain has fallen these three days, neither has any threatened, nor hath there been a sign of foul weather in earth or sky or water.
But now I bethink me, thou didst also seem minded to make a jest of the rain that threatened last night; so--"
You speak as if he had threatened you in some dark way.
In both countries the socialists came out in bold declaration against the war and threatened the general strike.
There were the sober garb, the general severity of mien, the gloomy but undismayed expression, the scriptural forms of speech, and the confidence in Heaven's blessing on a righteous cause, which would have marked a band of the original Puritans, when threatened by some peril of the wilderness.
Every time they threatened the window, they met with a pistol-shot from the master.
Is a gentleman, my friend, my guest, to be besieged, entrapped, and threatened with death, because he is suspected?
I told you, if you remember, that Sir Percival would be too headstrong to take his friend's advice where you were concerned, and that there was no danger to be dreaded from the Count till his own interests were threatened, and he was roused into acting for himself?
The Count let him have his way, first privately ascertaining, in case of his own interests being threatened next, where we lived.
The Hodgman Liberal Government takes very seriously our responsibility for the protection of threatened species.
Summary: Appeal Court upholds jail for man who threatened to kill ex-fiancee and to run tape on Facebook
Summary: Suspect was drunk when he cursed corporal, threatened to kill him
He had also tried to throw a bike at the officers and threatened them with a shovel.
A WOMAN officer, who was assigned the investigation of a rape case, extorted money from a victim and threatened the former to withdraw the case.