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  • verb

Synonyms for threaten

be imminent


Synonyms for threaten

to domineer or drive into compliance by the use of as threats or force, for example

to subject to danger or destruction

to give warning signs of (impending peril)

Synonyms for threaten

pose a threat to

to utter intentions of injury or punishment against:"He threatened me when I tried to call the police"

Related Words

to be a menacing indication of something:"The clouds threaten rain"

References in classic literature ?
It seems your intention to threaten me, Master Gryphus.
I think that's a stick," said Cornelius calmly, "but I don't suppose you will threaten me with that.
No sooner has he gone than Creon enters with an armed guard who seize Antigone and carry her off (Ismene, the other sister, they have already captured) and he is about to lay hands on Oedipus, when Theseus, who has heard the tumult, hurries up and, upbraiding Creon for his lawless act, threatens to detain him till he has shown where the captives are and restored them.
Even when a glaze comes over them (which is sometimes the case), and he seems to wander away into a frightful sort of dream in which he threatens most, he obliges me to know it, and to know that he is sitting close at my side, more terrible to me than ever.
For example, the author of an anonymous communication may claim allegiance to a known terrorist group and threaten a city with a radiological device.
Do not threaten or attack other passengers: Passengers and crew members could also see such behavior as part of an attempted hijacking or act of sabotage.
The Syrian told prosecutors that he signed two undertakings at the police station in which he promised not to harass the daughter or threaten her again.
Soon after becoming secretary of state, Colin Powell said that Iraq did not directly threaten the U.
The backside Post (X) and the strong-side Post-Corner (Z) keep the safeties on the hash, giving our Y the opportunity to threaten the middle of the field.