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forming viscous or glutinous threads

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thin in diameter

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freeing me to braid my howling immateriality into the thready blare of
A low blood pressure 90/66 mmHg with thready pulse (pulse rate 122/min) was found.
Evidence becomes a narrative, and Philip Noir, like Philip Marlowe, finds himself "meditating morosely on the thready web of story [.
The reviewer doubts that there is really anything lost here; other columns show that the scribe could thready finish a column at this position if unable to fit in a complete word afterwards.
Her pulse rate was 146/minute and thready and systolic blood pressure was 70 mmHg.
We anticipated a life-size picture of the whole family done on velvet, but instead, when she pulled off the lid, we found a terribly thin stick with some thready root material dangling off one end.
A firm or strong pulse indicates good stroke volume, while a weak or thready pulse indicates low stroke volume.
Still glimpsing through the branches' thready selvedge, that clear-cut shape, that whitewashed gable end with its small square window.
All over his body she left great welts, thready scratches beading with blood as if he had come through a forest of nettles.
Guy de Cointet (Greene Naftali, New York) Thready backward script/script rendered as sentences and fragments/fragments of sharp architecture/sharp architectural letters fractured into bars of color/bars of color, solid or whispery, spliced or overlapping/overlapping and ambiguous readings/reading in a less literal sense/sense and senselessness living as neighbors/neighbors, wives, and domestic concerns/concerns about hair and disappointment/disappointment with language/language as opportunity.
I encourage my charges to count the pulse by digital palpation, and qualitatively measure and describe if the pulse felt rhythmic, strong or weak, regular, thready or bounding.
Animals that have decompensated progress to bradycardia, thready pulses, pale mucous membranes, prolonged CRT, peripheral edema, and cool extremities.
They include immediate reactions occurring within an hour or so of ingesting a food, like swelling of the throat, tongue, and lips; itching and rashes; nasal congestion, runny nose, coughing, sneezing, wheezing, and other breathing difficulties; abdominal cramping, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea; and even a severe, whole-body condition that can include low blood pressure, a thready pulse, loss of consciousness, and even result in death.
The writing's thready quality signals a variety of agendas.