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thin in diameter

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It has threadlike tendrils that extend into other parts of the brain, making it difficult to remove it all.
Each peapodlike scale (inset, bottom) is lined with tiny ridges on the outside and a layer of threadlike fibers on the inside.
Its most distinctive trait is its threadlike stem, which has given rise to some of its common names: hairweed, lady's laces, wizard's net, goldthread, angel hair, witches' hair, devil's hair, pull-down, strangleweed, and my favorite: devil's guts.
It is popular to use in a vegetarian food because TVP can give a fibrous structure in the product, similar in threadlike texture of meat.
In the seminal vesicle, the spermatozoa were individualized, long, and threadlike.
Such inclusions underscored the sense that Hepworth's two-dimensional production is not a digression to be downplayed, but an essential element of a practice that can't be mapped as a single threadlike trajectory.
These threadlike nanotubes act like straws to tap into the niche and allow signaling to occur specifically in the stem cell.
splashed with radish-colored flecks; the threadlike stalks that end in
The first threadlike roots are good for nothing, but I often use the tops.
The "head" end of the worm is threadlike and thin and the tail end is thicker; so the sum effect is that of a long-lashed whip with a sturdy handle.
The brown, threadlike strands in coir have been used for centuries, notably in ropes and ship rigging.
Another class of such supramolecular aggregates, which can be formed in presence of cosolute is called wormlike or threadlike micelle.
Native to the Middle East and the countries of the Mediterranean (with Spain and Iran now providing in excess of 80% of the world's production), the fine threadlike stigmas of saffron have a long history of use for medicinal, culinary and cosmetic purposes.
Bound into intricate networks by threadlike appendages, neurons influence one another's electrical pulses via connections called synapses.
The epidermic cells of the leaves are covered by a dense layer of epicuticular wax, threadlike in Festuca carpetana and forming shaped plates in Festuca indigesta Boiss.