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mullet-like tropical marine fishes having pectoral fins with long threadlike rays

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As redfish rely more on their sense of smell than on sight, Gorta keeps it simple most of the time with threadfin herring in either whole or cut form.
One day they'll knock a live threadfin a foot in the air and the next, they might ignore it.
Blue runners, big threadfins or big pinfish are go-to live baits, or you can fire them up by vigorously pumping speed jigs or big curl-tail jigs.
Many of those bunches offish which come and go from the pass will travel up or down the coast, and this is where the beach fishermen can intercept them a mile or so offshore with threadfins or casting crabs.
But to target big kings, you want live baits such as hard tails, mullet, threadfins or menhaden.
A block of frozen chum, some chunks of cut ladyfish or threadfins, and an 8- or 10-pound class spinning tackle is all that's needed for a great time.
Trolling with hardware is a great search tactic and when fish are found probably puts the most fish in the boat in the shortest order, but the biggest kings each spring are usually taken by anglers drifting or slow trolling with live blue runners or big threadfins.
Large mullet, threadfins and pilchards haplessly drifting through the current are rarely refused.
Schools of glass minnows, threadfins and other baitfish are easy to spot inshore and along the beaches.
Live ladyfish or jumbo threadfins are usually the best baits, but some fish will be jumped on DOA Bait-Busters, swimming plugs and spoons.
My typical day starts by filling every livewell on the boat with juvenile pilchards or Spanish sardines, although juvenile threadfins or mature red minnows are other good options.