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Synonyms for threader

a blunt needle for threading ribbon through loops


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Attacking many of my bass plastics with a utility knife and worm threader has yielded many "Frankenstein" tail-hooked variants that have turned out to be bona fide bull bluegill producers.
Graham Threader of the BII, who sat on the judging panel, commented: "Battlesteads is a business focused on providing a green/sustainable proposition to customers.
To thread the pipe, the operator holds the Reed 700PD as it rotates around the pipe while turning the pinion shaft of the geared threader.
Standard features include X,Y,U,V linear motor drives with glass scale feedback, automatic dielectric level float switch, electrolysis free circuit, and an automatic wire threader.
The kit includes a vise with three jaws (holds hooks #4/0 to #22), scissors, bodkin, bobbin, bobbin threader, hackle pliers, whipfinisher, and plastic carrying case.
The warning comes from Bilton beekeeper John Threader (right).