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the state of being under the control of another person

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The inscription was so gloriously outrageous, I daren't take it home" Broadcaster Gyles Brandreth "I hope that Corbyn's election finally signals a desire in this country to turn our backs on the sharp-suited politics of swagger, greed, pomposity, deceit and thraldom to money, power and privilege" Novelist Ronan Bennett "Every day that passes with Jeremy Corbyn at the helm, is another nail in the coffin of a political party that had already lost its way even before it lost its senses" Former Labour MP Tom Harris
Thus, they free themselves from the thraldom of poverty.
The writer is a Contributing Editor, Mail Today multi- party democracy and the other coming under army rule and remaining under the thraldom of the military to this day.
As Taylor describes it, "the empirical approach is the only way of acquiring knowledge, and this becomes evident as soon as we free ourselves from the thraldom of a false metaphysics.
The genuine democracy is all for people; but given the majority of the people living in the thraldom of sardars, waderas, some of them are pirs as well, and in the cities clout of industrial tycoons and their nominees, they and their scions are likely to be elected.
19 Even foreign correspondents such as William Hepworth Dixon, the editor of the London Athenaeum, observed in Richmond in 1866 that '[t]hese men are not waiting for the world to come and cheer them with its grand endowments and its national schools; they have begun the work of emancipating themselves from the thraldom of ignorance and vice'.
He praises the habit to set free the bought prisoners, after seven years of thraldom, giving them the freedom to keep their religion; he praises humaneness and hospitality of Muslims; he thinks that, as far as the Muslims habits and establishments are concerned, Christians should be ashamed as Muslims even prove "the practice of good facts and not their empty names, not pompous speculation, but the work itself".
They feel themselves in a state of thraldom, they imagine that their souls are cooped and cabined in, unless they have some man or some body of men dependent on their mercy.
So what Collins alluded to his title, and what he elaborated in his text, was the idea of Cornwall as the locus of embodied, anachronistic time and space, set apart from the mechanisation of modernity; or, to use his words, 'emancipated from the thraldom of railways'.
The entire gamut of La Guma's intellectual, journalistic and artistic enterprise resounds with an enduring mediation on the writer's responsibility to a society made prostrate following moral, political and ideological thraldom precipitated by apartheid.
Kashmiris are subjected to Indian thraldom since decades as well as to worst forms of human rights violations, she stated and strongly condemned Indian atrocities against innocent Kashmiri people.
Right Column 260 [Pat mykil scha]me ye did and velany At none of ye day yu cred, hely And [3] hel did ye gast to yi fader all myghty yus yu died to make vs fre ffra ye gret thraldom yat in war we 265 Bot mykil payne and mykil reproue yu tholed befor ye ded for oure lufe And noght forto by vs agayne anely ffor whi yi ded mot suffice vs all forto by Bot for we suld yerby ensaumple take 270 to be pacient in angers for yi sake And for ye thole all hard es yat Als yu tholed for vs thurght yi gudnes Elles thurt ye haf tholed nane oyer payn Bot ye ded anely forto by vs agayn 275 .
12) Unfortunately, when I wrote that, I had not fully taken on board the emerging literature describing itself as 'the new economic criticism', a movement within literary or cultural studies circles that aims to show how the post-modern techniques of the 'new historicism' can deliver economics from the thraldom of something called 'neo-classicalism'.
It but carries out the idea that I have expressed, that all these peoples who have been buried in the thraldom of slavery do not appreciate the responsibilities of liberty, and for that reason must have mentors, teachers, to show them how to act and what to do for their own good.
I see others in its thraldom and the public looking on in its indifference, and consecrate myself to the work of exposing the cheat, and scattering the apathy, and delivering, as far as my example and voice may, those who still linger in the embrace of death, (qtd.