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Synonyms for thoughtlessness

a careless, often reckless disregard for consequences

a lack of consideration for others' feelings

Synonyms for thoughtlessness

the quality of failing to be considerate of others

the trait of not thinking carefully before acting

References in classic literature ?
This thoughtlessness, as with sailors, is evidently the result of a similar manner of life.
True; and if I, by my thoughtlessness and selfish disregard to appearances, have at all assisted to expose you to these evils, let me entreat you not only to pardon me, but to enable me to make reparation; authorise me to clear your name from every imputation: give me the right to identify your honour with my own, and to defend your reputation as more precious than my life
It was this quality above all others which moved such boys as our hero, who had nothing whatever remarkable about him except excess of boyishness--by which I mean animal life in its fullest measure, good nature and honest impulses, hatred of injustice and meanness, and thoughtlessness enough to sink a three-decker.
I want to warn you," he said in a low voice, "that through thoughtlessness and lack of caution you may cause yourself to be talked about in society.
But as I was saying, little good comes of haste and thoughtlessness.
Nor was this any token of folly or thoughtlessness at all, but a natural consequence of the thing; and such people, had they struggled longer with the oppression, would certainly have told it in their sleep, and disclosed the secret, let it have been of what fatal nature soever, without regard to the person to whom it might be exposed.
You knew we were come too far; you have dared to take advantage of my thoughtlessness.
Bad drivers are potential killers who cause untold misery and can wreck many lives with their thoughtlessness and recklessness.
In fact, after a fashion they are damning of general thoughtlessness.
Also, it was not only North Wales that suffered from such thoughtlessness.
Few of us have religious convictions preventing us offering the gift of life to those who would otherwise die - rather, it is simple thoughtlessness and lethargy.
He added: "I am extremely annoyed at the thoughtlessness of the person or people who have damaged the nature reserve at Portrush.
They were understandably upset when a mindless vandal, in a few seconds of thoughtlessness, caused several hundred pounds-worth of damage.
Just because you are on the move is no excuse for despoiling the area you re driving through and leaving others to deal with your thoughtlessness.
Judge Daniel Williams told him: " What you have accepted is recklessness rather than dishonestly - thoughtlessness on a grand scale - not an intention to deceive.