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Synonyms for thoughtlessness

a careless, often reckless disregard for consequences

a lack of consideration for others' feelings

Synonyms for thoughtlessness

the quality of failing to be considerate of others

the trait of not thinking carefully before acting

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The Bureau of Custom's regulation shows its thoughtlessness, insensitivity and unsympathetic nature to OFWs and their families.
In fact, after a fashion they are damning of general thoughtlessness.
They were understandably upset when a mindless vandal, in a few seconds of thoughtlessness, caused several hundred pounds-worth of damage.
Just because you are on the move is no excuse for despoiling the area you re driving through and leaving others to deal with your thoughtlessness.
Judge Daniel Williams told him: " What you have accepted is recklessness rather than dishonestly - thoughtlessness on a grand scale - not an intention to deceive.
His explanations and apologies regarding his remark, profuse as they may be, only accentuate his thoughtlessness -- an unfortunate trait many of the country's politicians and administrators are also guilty of.
Our friends proceeded to berate him for his cruelty, his thoughtlessness.
Among his perspectives are the iron cage of rationality, the delights of thoughtlessness, metaphor and dogma, and the manufacturing of law.
This faith is reflected in the thoughtlessness with which they keep raising taxes on ' conspicuous consumption', as the present incumbent has done by raising the service tax on restaurants.
The thoughtlessness of this action resulted in even more delays for the rest of us law-abiding citizens as they were essentially queue jumping.
Discrimination was seen through "unwitting prejudice, ignorance, thoughtlessness and racist stereotyping".
THE DIKLER sends his congratulations to the BHA for preventing an act of thoughtlessness portraying racing in a poor light.
When Jill Evans MEP warned her party was sending out "mixed messages" she understated the thoughtlessness and ill-considered position certain prominent members of Plaid Cymru, mostly in North Wales, were adopting, - presumably calculating this pro-nuclear stance would help them hold on to their seats.
For the drivers who suffered cracked glass, dented roofs and fear, it is satisfying that the boys will also suffer for their aggressive thoughtlessness.
My guess: Neela's thoughtlessness in abandoning her family and friends kills her abilities; such power cannot flourish without goodness.