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Synonyms for thought-provoking

stimulating interest or thought


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Sadly, he didn't go ahead - which was a shame, bearing in mind some of his thought-provoking and entertaining campaign ideas.
is a work of considerable talent and originality, documenting author Mark Binelli as a writer who has mastered wit and storytelling to produce a highly recommended, minor masterpiece of literate, thoughtful, thought-provoking, and thoroughly entertaining fiction.
Ronnie Gilbert of Weavers fame has written an interesting and thought-provoking article critical of Israeli policies.
Using chanting protesters as source material, eight queer music innovators do an impressive job of turning out tracks that are thought-provoking yet also engaging.
Many said Jerry Springer - The Opera was thought-provoking, funny and even educational.
Through her well-trained eyes and thought-provoking descriptions, Couturier reminds us that looking for the details in unsuspected landscapes can reveal reasons to revere life.
In this thought-provoking follow-up, he explores the defining characteristics of life as we know it on Earth and reviews the various theories on how DNA-replicating, carbon-based organisms might have originated on or off this planet.
The comments we received from our judges were just what we had hoped for--the kind of thought-provoking insights that highlight the real meaning and value of these entries.
Against All Odds provides a thought-provoking discussion of an issue often noticed but rarely analyzed.
This collection of thought-provoking essays on Gibson's popular Passion movie presents a wide spectrum of contributors, including Christians, Jews, members of other religions, and atheists covering historical, theological and ethical perspectives.
I found the interview to be thought-provoking, practical, and enjoyable.
But they sanitized and dumbed-down the entertainment, putting it below sitcom level and arranging that no one would find a thought-provoking moment.
We hope that the examples presented here of the challenges, solutions and benefits gained at a range of different Institutions of Higher Education will be informative and thought-provoking as you consider your campus' needs in these areas as well.
Joe Queenan is always amusing and thought-provoking.
Colorful, hopeful, energetic, thought-provoking, dynamic