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Synonyms for think






think about something or someone


think better of something


think much of or a lot of something or someone


think nothing of something: have no compunction about


  • have no compunction about
  • have no hesitation about
  • take in your stride

think nothing of something: consider unimportant


  • consider unimportant
  • set no store by
  • regard as routine

think something over


think something up

Synonyms for think

to use the powers of the mind, as in conceiving ideas, drawing inferences, and making judgments

to view in a certain way

to regard in an appraising way

to have an opinion

to renew an image or thought in the mind

think about: to care enough to keep (someone) in mind

think of: to receive (an idea) and take it into consideration


think of: to care enough to keep (someone) in mind

think up: to use ingenuity in making, developing, or achieving

Synonyms for think

an instance of deliberate thinking

expect, believe, or suppose

imagine or visualize

focus one's attention on a certain state

have in mind as a purpose

decide by pondering, reasoning, or reflecting


dispose the mind in a certain way

have or formulate in the mind

bring into a given condition by mental preoccupation

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I would have thought nothing of my freckle if it wasn't for him and it doesn't bear thinking about.
Devoted Nick Leather, aged 40, thought nothing of travelling thousands of miles from Australia to Brum for the glittering event.
He lost vision in his right eye on several occasions but thought nothing of it.
After 26 years in the business, he thought nothing of working 75 hours a week or of visiting patients at home.
Three out of ten men thought nothing of going to work with a stain on their shirt if there were no meetings planned.
Three out of 10 men thought nothing of going to work with a stain on their shirt if there were no meetings planned.
Tragically they were hijacked by vicious con men who, when their planbackfired, thought nothing of resorting to murder.
Melanie thought nothing of leaving us, mid-throw of the dice during a round of Parcheesi, to say the next installment on her novena.
I thought nothing of the incident and never considered it an assault of any kind.
They added: "He thought nothing of dropping everything he was doing to help out somebody in need.
They may have assumed that the woman had called at the wrong house and thought nothing more about it, but this could be relevant to our enquiries.
He thought nothing about it for more than 55 years, until he looked into his military records after a 2001 reunion with other POWs.
He left her holding a pipe over her sink but it is thought nothing was stolen.
Johnson thought nothing of writing a letter to someone who lived across the street.
Back in the 1950s, when this cartoon was originally drawn, people thought nothing of drowning a mouse.