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Though Jenny, 32, and Ryan, 34, will celebrate their love on February 14, this time they'll be in Vegas to work.
Pumps & Compressors--A loss in iron casting shipments of up to 4% is expected in '00, though the closing of some captive facilities should aid some jobbing foundries that produce compressor parts.
The destruction of Tibetan culture and the killing of the Tibetan people was evident long before Hollywood decided to make it a popular issue; and though a certain degree of altruism may have supplied a fraction of Hollywood's motivation, its main impetus was plainly economic.
Though the average honey's ascorbic-acid equivalency, 0.
At times it seems as though Kay is striving to find new extremes through which idealism can marginalize itself.
Though there are, of course, instances in which state surveyors have helpfully collaborated with facilities in upgrading performance, policing for and punishing violations has been OBRA's major thrust.
At the same time, though, the spokesman status thrust onto him was both unfair to him (though he may not have bristled at it) and deeply troublesome politically.
Though the book deals exclusively with American Catholic institutions, similar problems have existed or do exist in Canada; our Catholic institutions are much more alike than different from American ones.
It has that reputation, though, because premenopausal women are practically immune to it.
Within literary study, though, Micheaux has also had a cold, or possibly indifferent, reception, excepting Joseph Young's highly critical book Black Novelist as White Racist, the only comprehensive study of any length on Micheaux's novels.
We may not yet have the first mile-high skyscraper so longed for by architects as wildly different as Wright and Foster, but mile long sheds have long been commonplace, though they are little known because they were factories designed by engineers in most utilitarian fashion.
Though Downtime has more of a stylistic affinity with the minimalist films of James Benning than Jim Jarmusch, it was with Stranger than Paradise (1984) that most of the comparisons were drawn at the time of its release.
I said it didn't matter though, because all my patients deserve equal treatment and respect regardless of their political affiliation, regardless of my political affiliation," Cox recalls.
On the education front, it will likely not mean much immediate change, though H-P may decide to go more aggressively after the education market in the future.