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conscientiousness in performing all aspects of a task

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In a degree I felt that my whole future life depended upon the thoroughness with which I cleaned that room, and I was determined to do it so well that no one could find any fault with the job.
Another thing that impressed itself upon me throughout England was the high regard that all classes have for law and order, and the ease and thoroughness with which everything is done.
It was carried out, with extraordinary thoroughness and severity, by very well-organized officials over a small and familiar area, and, so far as human strength and science can be absolutely certain of anything, Prince Otto was absolutely certain that nobody could introduce so much as a toy pistol into Heiligwaldenstein.
For he had been as instructive as Milton's "affable archangel;" and with something of the archangelic manner he told her how he had undertaken to show (what indeed had been attempted before, but not with that thoroughness, justice of comparison, and effectiveness of arrangement at which Mr.
Brought up chiefly at the country home near Windsor to which his father had retired, and left to himself for mental training, he never acquired any thoroughness of knowledge or power of systematic thought, but he read eagerly the poetry of many languages.
When a woman takes to any sort of unlawful man-trade, there's nothing to beat her in the way of thoroughness.
Miss Ophelia had a good, strong, practical deal of resolution; and she went through all the disgusting details with heroic thoroughness, though, it must be confessed, with no very gracious air,--for endurance was the utmost to which her principles could bring her.
I love the punctilious thoroughness of the whole thing; one can understand its appeal to our careful colonel.
The thoroughness with which Supreme Court Justice Antonio Carpio has examined the West Philippine Sea issue is what's needed in our national policymaking.
To that end, RIMS is publishing a report on the state of risk management that features data compiled from 500 corporate risk managers and will discuss the thoroughness of ERM programs and measuring risk strategy strengths and weaknesses and creating a road map for increasing risk management effectiveness.
By and large, FMCSA does a good job of identifying carriers that pose high crash risks for subsequent compliance reviews, ensuring the thoroughness and consistency of those reviews, and following up with high-risk carriers.
The reasons for his unusual thoroughness have recently become clear: no study gave him the excuse to veto the wind farm.
Despite the extra time airport security adds to the airport process overall, passengers feel confident in the security at North American airports due to the thoroughness of screeners and the implementation of new technologies at some airports," a J.
If Allen pulls off one thing in this book, it's thoroughness.
When she does her massage therapist a favor and takes on a wrongful death suit that is only two weeks shy of being time-barred from going forward, Nina thinks that with her characteristic thoroughness and determination, she might be able to keep the case alive and get some justice for the victim's family.