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Synonyms for thoroughgoing

Synonyms for thoroughgoing

performed comprehensively and completely

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He added such incidents resulted from domestic violence, urging the authorities to conduct a thoroughgoing investigation into the incident.
In the five works recently on view at Mitchell Algus--one from 1963, the rest dated between 1969 and 1972--Fangor reveals himself as a thoroughgoing sensualist, building up simple, solid forms (mostly circles or wave patterns) only to dissolve their boundaries into intangible halations as airy as cotton candy.
His comments about the place of Spenser in education and in the formation of culture are often acute, while his long view permits him to see unexpected connections: "despite its thoroughgoing resistance to ideals of progress, [Jonathan Goldberg's] Endlesse Worke can perhaps be regarded as a decadent scion of the Whig Tradition, for its central concerns are freedom and constraint" (191).
In 1985 Maris Vinovskis published The Origins of Public High Schools, a thoroughgoing critique of Michael Katz's The Irony of Early School Reform, the signal work of left-historical criticism of U.
If the prospects of miniaturizing the government are poor, what makes the prospects of thoroughgoing reform any better?
As she says, "In the end Equiano shows himself to be a thoroughgoing Englishman and Christian for those readers who want to believe it" (51).
But he had been able to be reinstated as a result of thoroughgoing investigation into documents of the candidates.
This representational crisis of the body is the most material manifestation of a more thoroughgoing stress placed on the operation of metaphor in modern painting.
When that "legitimatory apparatus" was abandoned by Rouhault and Regis in the case of the Principia, or simply ignored by others who concentrated exclusively on his theory of vortices, Descartes ended by being misinterpreted as a thoroughgoing mechanistic thinker on the one hand, or as an epistemologist on the other.
Though a thoroughgoing leftist, the late radical journalist I.
In addition to these essays which critically explore largely familiar themes an test the possibilities of a range of established methodologies, the essays by Celia Applegate, Kathleen Canning, and Eve Rosenhaft call for a thoroughgoing reappraisal of what is to count as politics.
Distinguishing his approach from earlier ones by rejecting the idea of an analogy between the theater and the market in favor of a thoroughgoing interconnection, Bruster emphasizes that the theater was itself a market and argues, primarily in economic and psychoanalytic terms, that it was permeated by what he calls the "materialist vision" of early modern London, its growing preoccupation with the material world, and specifically with objects as commodities.
Pharmaceutical companies certainly have more regulatory hoops to jump through than food makers, so you might think they'd seek more thoroughgoing reforms.
The governor spokesman said a thoroughgoing investigation had been launched into the incident to determine the facts.
In this still Picasso-like exercise, it was a case of underlying figures being erased by yet more figures; but in the key transitional year of 1947, he put this idea into practice in a far more thoroughgoing way.