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Synonyms for thoroughgoing

Synonyms for thoroughgoing

performed comprehensively and completely

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Last but not least, the thoroughgoing use of "Reunion" (the Protestant term is "Union"), can only be called a minor question by non-Protestants.
But whether he existed or not, the "reforms" attributed to him created a thoroughgoing despotism unmatched in sophistication and scope until the rise of communist and Nazi tyrannies in the 20th century.
A more thoroughgoing change is required if we are to avoid an eventual nuclear holocaust.
I am sending you a copy of "The Saturday Review," today, with the necessarily inadequate appreciation of mine of your "Orlando"--inadequate because you have put so much into that book which suggests comment that a really thoroughgoing study would have been so long as to be an impertinence.
He had previously offered to put the rebate on the negotiating table as part of a settlement that would include thoroughgoing reform of the Common Agricultural Policy, but this was blocked by France
By the early 1760s Franklin had become a thoroughgoing imperialist and royalist.
The Prison Reform Trust director Juliet Lyon said: "The PRT would support an extension of tagging if it was coupled with thoroughgoing risk assessments
Even while declaring himself a thoroughgoing materialist, Morse insisted that "responsibility is about persons, not brains" (precisely the kind of distinction Greene had earlier mocked as dualistic) and defended the old-fashioned approach to justice.
Such incompetence and wholesale destruction of people's lives demands a thoroughgoing investigation.
The presentation of the terms of engagement of this reading process to graduate students may also involve a more thoroughgoing introduction to the terminology of contemporary critical theory.
They show how DeLay has morphed from a tough whip, admired in the hardball world of Washington politics for his take-no-prisoners approach to party discipline, to a thoroughgoing bully who uses money and capricious, Scarface-like gestures to amass more and more and more power.
It will appeal to those readers who thirst for thoroughgoing and highly detailed knowledge of this important component of the Combined Bomber Offensive.
administration, they offer a thoroughgoing plan for improving our current condition and working toward sustainability.
Her first chapter outlines the issues in Duras's life and the political preoccupations that were germane to her cinematic career (1959-85); subsequent chapters treat the role and operation of desire in Duras's films, the politics of her cinema, and her commitment to a thoroughgoing deconstruction of the gendered and sexual identities prescribed by a patriarchal Symbolic order.