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Synonyms for thoroughfare

Synonyms for thoroughfare

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a public road from one place to another

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Albert Suansing, spokesman for the Toll Regulatory Board (TRB), said his group has proposed to spread the toll hike on the expressway over the course of two years, as this could cushion the effect of the huge adjustment on tariff paid by motorists using the thoroughfare.
He said local resident Asif Nawaz, who was not on good terms with the petitioner and his brothers, had joined hands with some Southern Areas Development Project officials to deprive the petitioner and his brothers of their landed property by trying to replace the said thoroughfare with a concrete one.
intersection, a part of the government thoroughfare, came on November 24.
The system will help control the number of vehicles that can access a thoroughfare or highway at a given point in time using traffic signals, along with a series of vehicle-counting sensors and cameras.
Excellent location on a major thoroughfare in Fort Myers, Florida.
Also, the Assistant Undersecretary of the Ministry of Works for roads suggested closing the thoroughfare on Shaikh Duaij Road leading to Gudaibyiay Mosque temperaritly in order to avoid current traffic congestions and to continue to monitor traffic on the same road by the directorate of roads' planning and design and also suggested making statistics which illustrate vehicles' flow in this project in order to determine the intake capacity after closing of the said thoroughfare, highlighting the need to notify drivers about the new route with the installation of traffic guidance signboards necessary to direct drivers and pedestrians in the area to alternative routes.
Hint: This thoroughfare shares its lanes with a numbered state highway.
It is defined as a thoroughfare where the left-hand turns from side streets are re-routed, as is traffic from side streets that needs to cross the thoroughfare.
The 3,562-mile thoroughfare that links Cape Cod, Mass.
They found a connection between poor air quality along the Ciudad Juarez thoroughfare and emergency room visits by children suffering from respiratory illness.
Both contend in their own way with being part gallery and part thoroughfare.
Bond proceeds will finance the construction of a community center and street, thoroughfare, and interchange improvements.
16 billion) on Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (Edsa), the major thoroughfare where a people-backed military mutiny deposed former dictator Ferdinand Marcos and elevated Corazon Aquino to the presidency in 1986, a senior official said.
It is located on Avenue A, which serves both local and commuter patrons exiting off Route 440, the area's primary north/ south thoroughfare.
The city permitted use of a public thoroughfare for purposes other than those the thoroughfare was designed for.