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Synonyms for thorny

Synonyms for thorny

full of sharp needlelike protuberances

so replete with interlocking points and complications as to be painfully irritating

Synonyms for thorny

bristling with perplexities

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having or covered with protective barbs or quills or spines or thorns or setae etc.

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The osage-orange would be a wonderful component to that concept, providing a dense, thorny barrier--just as the hawthorn did in European hedgerows of the Middle Ages.
Describing the flamenco dancer at right, for example, Jacobs writes about a "quick and thorny heel .
Collection is a thorny issue because it can require getting tough with the very same customers that keep your business afloat.
I walked over to Thorny, thinking about how to be human.
And Foreign Secretary Malcolm Rifkind, who is with the Queen and Prince Philip, will be left to handle the thorny issue.
Included are apt summations of the thorny problems of patronage research by Howard Mayer Brown and Allan Atlas.
Not only is the board taking the pressure off us by addressing thorny accounting issues (or at least accounting issues with thorny income-statement ramifications), but it's also taking the heat when management seeks to identify who caused the horrific financial-statement effects of new standards.
Summary: A parliamentary subcommittee meeting to discuss a draft law authorizing EDL to fully employ nearly 1,200 contract workers failed to address the thorny issue for a 2nd day after a row over who should attend the meeting.
I love getting up the pitch and trying to make things happen and Thorny has given me the confidence to do that.
While the bills have been cheered by some Americans, they have split the Republican Party on the thorny issue of immigration and stirred anger in immigrant communities.
The same questions of posture and style are raised around thorny internal issues of the church such as liturgical reform in the Anglican Communion over the introduction of the Book of Alternative Services, negotiations for church union with the United Church of Canada and the Church of Christ Disciples, or the current debate over blessings of same-sex unions.
As described on the opposite wall in A Rose, the performance must have been a huge success: A cascade of ten-foot-high long-stemmed thorny roses--two drawn in charcoal, three cut from gessoed wood--is caught in a state of suspended animation and delirium.
bishops made moves to tackle several thorny social issues.
and Sin Killer, a white guide and part-time preacher with a thorny personality.
So we come to the thorny questions of privacy now bedeviling the nation: How should we determine which private sex acts the law should protect and which ones it shouldn't?