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Synonyms for thorniness

the quality of being covered with prickly thorns or spines

a rough and bitter manner

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Some gardeners mind the thorniness of the stems and fruit husks and thus wear gloves to harvest the fruit, yet just as many people are not bothered by them at all.
Initial observations have revealed diversity in several characteristics, including thorniness, ripening time, and picking ease.
667, 667-68 (1993) ("The thorniness of fair use is not due to any failure on the part of the legislature or the judiciary.
In this regard, Female Brando borrows its smartest insights from those who worked with her closely--quoting director Tony Richardson's memoirs, for example, to explain the thorniness of Stanley's gift: "It had the ugliness, the truth, the understanding of great art.
The thorniness of the question of the initial and continued form of the demes can be measured by the eminence of the scholars who have argued opposing views from virtually the same body of evidence.
His notorious thorniness probably didn't help, either.
It is a finding of a new, appropriate use, whether there is an immediate customary set of associations, such as beauty and fragility, that then gives rise to the less expected connotation of thorniness, or the metaphor is so new (and Black's example of Henry James's "blotting-paper voices" serves brilliantly here) that the brain has to create a new category from previous categories.
The thorniness of this question is evident in almost any response from Southern writers (if not so from critics).
If safety or ease of litter cleanup is a concern, then the thorniness of a species otherwise well suited may be a negative factor.
It is a fine summary of welfare theory that would make a terrific selection for any number of undergraduate courses or for a general audience, no small feat given the thorniness of the literature and the debates.
Finally, and as already noted, the thorniness of the issue is increased by the fact that an airline operating at or near capacity will, by necessity, have to increase capacity in order to satisfy the increase in quantity demanded resulting from a price decrease.
The thrust of the lines from Malherbe is to suggest a lustful quest thwarted by the inaccessibility, the thorniness of its target, and as such they provide another metaphor for the reader's activity ('Que d'epines, amour, accompagnent tes roses
Over time, plants have developed multiple defenses, such as hairiness, thorniness or the production of substances, which are toxic to pests.
The problems of thorniness, fireblight susceptibility, and fruit litter often associated with other pear species are minimal in the callery pear.
Contributing to the thorniness is the fact that the Constitution specifies neither the total size of the House nor the specific method of apportioning seats.