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Synonyms for thorniness

the quality of being covered with prickly thorns or spines

a rough and bitter manner

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His notorious thorniness probably didn't help, either.
The thorniness of this question is evident in almost any response from Southern writers (if not so from critics).
It is a fine summary of welfare theory that would make a terrific selection for any number of undergraduate courses or for a general audience, no small feat given the thorniness of the literature and the debates.
Over time, plants have developed multiple defenses, such as hairiness, thorniness or the production of substances, which are toxic to pests.
The problems of thorniness, fireblight susceptibility, and fruit litter often associated with other pear species are minimal in the callery pear.
Contributing to the thorniness is the fact that the Constitution specifies neither the total size of the House nor the specific method of apportioning seats.
It is this combination of flowering and thorniness that creates the beauty of this growth.
The focus of attention was Burford, whose thorniness had in the past earned her such sobriquets as the "Ice Queen' and the "Dragon Lady.
Dorn's thorniness supplies a tonic to the temptation.