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any of various South American hummingbirds with a sharp pointed bill

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This is a quantitative research where self-administered questionnaires were administered electronically using the internet or delivered by hand to each respondent and collected later (Saunders, Lewis and Thornbill, 2009).
Self-administered questionnaire was used to collect virtually all data that was analyzed by computer (Saunders, Lewis, Thornbill, 2009).
Though no specific date was given for the thornbill trial, it acted as a precursor for a study undertaken in November 1936, to find the elusive 'native cat' (or Quoll, Dasyurus spp.
We've just not seen them before here where thornbills and weebills work food sources.
The contributors "place" the poem in translation, sort out the gender politics of the aesthetic, explore unknown cities in Lisa Samuels's work, read "field" as place and politics, sort out John Barnie and inhuman "place," analyze yellow-rumped thornbills, compare Spahr and Minhinnick, afford entrance, observe political-historical space, and assess the performativity of place and the zeta landscape.
After several days of searching I eventually encountered three speckled warblers foraging happily on the margin of a mixed species cloud of small birds that include buff-rumped thornbills, varied sittella, grey shrike-thrush and flame robin.
reprised by thornbills, perspective of transcripts and scores.
But it does offer a lifeline to young eucalypts and acacias, silver with green growth despite the drought, refuges for pardalotes, thornbills, silver-eyes, magpies scanning their territory, weebills, red-capped robins, even western spinebills, and when the mistletoe is out on the jam trees, the mistletoe birds.
Recently, I was watching a flock of about 20 tiny brown thornbills (in my area in Melbourne) cleaning the gumtree leaves of white scale as they moved through my garden--no need to spray with these little environmental vacuum cleaners around.
He displays the preserved remains of wagtails, fantails, wrens, thornbills, whistlers and honeyeaters: little woodland songbirds whose dawn chorus once roused the towns, suburbs and farms of past generations.
The birds of the Australian mediterraneans account for 36% of Australia's terrestrial bird species, including the honey eaters (Meliphagidae), psittacids, such as parrots and cockatoos (Calyptorhynchus), thornbills (Acanthazidae), whistlers (Pachycephala and monarchs [Monarcha]), fly-catching muscicapids, wrens (Malurus), pied butcher bird (Cracticus nigrogularis), and pardalote (Pardalotus).
I will check the massive ant 'cities' that Tim so admires; I will lament still more trees that have died or are dying in the drought; I will see geckoes and skinks, wolf spiders and redbacks; I might see a black-headed monitor or a bobtail; I will see red-capped robins, thornbills, weebills, silver-eyes, butcher birds, magpies, twenty-eight parrots, crows, maybe pink and grey galahs, certainly willy wagtails, flyeaters, honeyeaters, and golden whistlers.