thoracic vertebra

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one of 12 vertebrae in the human vertebral column

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An extra thoracic vertebra increased the CL by around 17 mm, and an extra lumbar vertebrae by 13 mm respectively.
It was concluded that the combination of bending and compression at the lower thoracic vertebra caused the fractures of the WEC race car driver.
In cases where the umiblical venous catheter tip could not be advanced along the thoracic vertebra, a second attempt was made by inserting a second catheter alongside the first catheter.
It is located in front of the neck of the first rib extending to the union of the seventh cervical vertebra and the first thoracic vertebra.
7 contains a print screen from the process of modeling a thoracic vertebra, whereas Fig.
Second, the top edge of the scapulae should be in line with the third thoracic vertebra (T3) (Figure 4).
The researchers found that those with the greatest angle of spinal inclination--the angle between the first thoracic vertebra (near the head) to the first sacral vertebra (in the lower spine)--had a 3.
Of these, four had bone metastases, two thoracic vertebra involvement, and one each clavicular and bone marrow involvement.
Ten people with incomplete SCI between cervical vertebra 4 and thoracic vertebra 10 (C4-T10) participated in the study.
FM- foramen magnum, C7- seventh cervical vertebra, T1- first thoracic vertebra, T13- thirteenth thoracic vertebra, L1- first lumbar vertebra, L2- second lumbar vertebra, L3- third lumbar vertebra, L5- fifth lumbar vertebra, L6- sixth lumbar vertebra, S1- first sacral vertebra, S2- second sacral vertebra, S3- third sacral vertebra, S4- fourth sacral vertebra.
The spinal X-rays (Figs 1a and 1b) demonstrated complete absence of all the lumbar vertebrae and no twelfth thoracic vertebra.
The spinal process of the first thoracic vertebra was localized by palpating the spinal process of the seventh cervical vertebra and counting down the spinous process from there.
The branch, 7 meters long with a maximum diameter of 41 centimeters, fell from a height of around 10 meters, fracturing the woman's thoracic vertebra and leaving her paralyzed from the waist down, it said.