thoracic vertebra

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one of 12 vertebrae in the human vertebral column

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lateral view showing the base of the occiput to the upper border of the first thoracic vertebra, b.
The branch, 7 meters long with a maximum diameter of 41 centimeters, fell from a height of around 10 meters, fracturing the woman's thoracic vertebra and leaving her paralyzed from the waist down, it said.
X rays of the cervical spine were negative from the skull base to the top of the thoracic vertebra (T1).
3,7) If there is any suspicion of mediastinal extension, cardiothoracic surgery should be considered for transcervical mediastinal debridement or, if the infection extends below the 4th thoracic vertebra, possible thoracotomy.
As he flipped into a gravel trap, his bike hit his back, snapping his sixth thoracic vertebra and leaving him paralyzed from the waist down.
At 45 min after slaughter pH and temperature of carcasses were recorded using pH meter coupled to a penetration probe, inserted into the center of the Longissimus dorsi muscle in the left half-carcass between the 12th and 13th thoracic vertebra.