thoracic outlet syndrome

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tingling sensations in the fingers

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Management of cervical ribs and anomalous first ribs causing neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome.
Thoracic outlet syndrome with arm ischemia as a complication of cervical rib.
Thoracic outlet syndrome - This involves compression of the nerves and blood vessels between the neck and shoulder.
Under this broad umbrella fit problems such as muscle pain, tendon inflammation or entrapments, joint injuries, nerve injuries like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, and dystonias.
Thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS) refers to compression of the neurovascular bundles at the point between the neck and axilla (1).
Thoracic outlet syndrome caused by a pseudoaneurysm after pseudarthrosis of the clavicle.
His coverage includes treatments for migraine, facial spasms, drooling, lingual and cervical dystonia, spasticity or dystonia in the upper extremities, including adducted thumbs and writer's cramp, spasticity or dystonia in the lower extremities, including the valgus foot and extended knee, pain syndromes ranging from myofascial pain and thoracic outlet syndrome to neuropathic cutaneous pain and lateral epicondylitis, and hyperhidrosis of the forehead and scalp, axillae, palms, residual limbs and feet.
Schanzer specializes in carotid and lower extremity arterial occlusive disease, complex aortic and renal and mesenteric disease, and thoracic outlet syndrome.
Diagnosable disorders encompassed by RSI include ulnar nerve entrapment, (tenderness around the elbow), carpal tunnel syndrome, thoracic outlet syndrome (compression of nerves and vessels between the neck and shoulders causing pain in wrists, hands and fingers, migraines, lower back pain, tennis elbow and tendonitis).
Home Exercise Programs and Patient Education Materials: Introduction; Rest, Ice, Compression, Evaluation (RICE) Therapy - for acute injuries; Shoulder Girdle Exercises for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Shoulder Muscle Exercises; Forearm Extensors Exercises for 'tennis elbow'; Abdominal Exercises, Buttock (Gluteus maximus/medius) Muscle Strengthening; Hip Joint Exercises; Swiss or Stability Ball; Stretching Exercises for Plantar Fasciitis; Ankle sprains; Acute Knee Injury; Quadriceps muscle exercises; Cervical Exercises; Back Exercises; Crutch Ambulation Instructions; Stretching; What about exercise?
He has a special interest in cerebrovascular disease trauma, arteriotides, amputations, and thoracic outlet syndrome.
Chapter One, "Nerve Problems in the Neck, Shoulders, Arms and Hands," explains carpal tunnel, nerve injury, thoracic outlet syndrome, fibromyalgia and repetitive strain injury.
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