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being two more than thirty


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In her family's eyes he had no ordinary, definite career and position in society, while his contemporaries by this time, when he was thirty-two, were already, one a colonel, and another a professor, another director of a bank and railways, or president of a board like Oblonsky.
Unless I am mistaken, we are at thirty-two degrees forty minutes east longitude, and I should like to ascend directly north of the equator.
There are only fifty-five thousand telephones to thirty-two million people--as many as in Norway and less than in Denmark.
The thirty-two that we shall use to-night are its progeny; they are all entirely black, with the exception of a star upon the forehead.
The whole journey was performed with equal rapidity; the thirty-two horses, dispersed over seven stages, brought them to their destination in eight hours.
As to their military affairs, they boast that the king's army consists of a hundred and seventy-six thousand foot, and thirty-two thousand horse: if that may be called an army, which is made up of tradesmen in the several cities, and farmers in the country, whose commanders are only the nobility and gentry, without pay or reward.
In the course of two days, they killed thirty-two buffaloes, and collected their meat on the margin of a small brook, about a mile distant.
In this collection there are extinct species of all the thirty-two genera, excepting four, of the terrestrial quadrupeds now inhabiting the provinces in which the caves occur; and the extinct species are much more numerous than those now living: there are fossil ant-eaters, armadillos, tapirs, peccaries, guanacos, opossums, and numerous South American gnawers and monkeys, and other animals.
At the station he captured Miss Lantry out of the gadding mob at eight thirty-two.
After expanding its fleet to thirty-two B767s at the last year-end, Amazon Air, an arm of Amazon.
The Resurrection Series can be built from twenty-eight feet to thirty-two feet and beyond.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- Thirty-two people, who were arrested as part of fake prescription operations conducted in seven provinces, were sent to court after process in ystanbul Police Station on Friday.
LONDON, Nov 30 (KUNA) -- Thirty-two people have been sent to hospital after a helicopter crashed into a building in Glasgow, police said in a statement on Saturday.
Local music lovers will next month have an opportunity to watch Elemotho live at the Bank Windhoek Music Circle before the international award-winning artist embarks on a thirty-two African nation tour.
Summary: ABU DHABI - Thirty-two companies, out of 67 companies listed on Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, have so far disclosed their financial statements for the second quarter of 2012.