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being three more than thirty


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The doctor, therefore, left it on the 17th of March, 1854, and fled to the frontier, where he remained for thirty-three days in the most abject destitution.
It seemed to him that she was getting more and more enmeshed in them, and capable of shorter and less frequent flights into the outer world, and yet she was only thirty-three.
That's an average of over thirty-three miles a day," Doc Watson warned, "and I've travelled some myself.
After thirty-three years of married life, and twenty-nine years of toil in a government office, the property of "the Saillards"--their circle of acquaintance called them so--consisted of sixty thousand francs entrusted to Falleix, the house in the place Royale, bought for forty thousand in 1804, and thirty-six thousand francs given in dowry to their daughter Elisabeth.
His plays brought him in some money, he received a Government appointment which brought him more, and when he was about thirty-three he married a rich widow.
The collection of thirty-three Hymns, ascribed to Homer, is the last considerable work of the Epic School, and seems, on the whole, to be later than the Cyclic poems.
Calculate, and you will see that in place of three hundred and thirty-three pounds of powder, the quantity is reduced to no more than one hundred and sixty pounds.
One, however, which was less regular than the others, deviated from a right line, at the most considerable bend, to the amount of thirty-three degrees.
During the remaining thirty-three years of his life Dickens produced novels at the rate of rather more than one in two years.
She was now a massive woman of thirty-three, and her weight hurt him, but he could not very well say anything.
Having tried nine seasons at Dublin and two at Bath and Cheltenham, and not finding a partner for life, Miss Malony ordered her cousin Mick to marry her when she was about thirty-three years of age; and the honest fellow obeying, carried her off to the West Indies, to preside over the ladies of the --th regiment, into which he had just exchanged.
And now, having resolved to dispose of my plantation in the Brazils, I wrote to my old friend at Lisbon, who, having offered it to the two merchants, the survivors of my trustees, who lived in the Brazils, they accepted the offer, and remitted thirty-three thousand pieces of eight to a correspondent of theirs at Lisbon to pay for it.
The amount of the taxed costs is one hundred and thirty-three, six, four, Mr.
Manama-May23(BNA)Kuwaiti Ambassador and Dean of Diplomatic Corps in Bahrain Shaikh Azzam Mubarak Al-Sabah hailed the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) which turns thirty-three on Sunday (May25).
Summary: Thirty-three civil servants from the southern province of Swaida have been fired from their jobs by order of the prime minister's office.