thirty-second note

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a musical note having the time value of a thirty-second of a whole note

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Once the pattern has been established and can be recognized by the student, "Blues" should be practiced hands together, initially removing the thirty-second note triplet notations.
Yet examples with thirty-second notes (of which there are many) are sometimes hard to read because of compression.
The Sticking Matrix includes every possible sticking, eighth notes to thirty-second notes.
Intermittent patterns of thirty-second notes add rhythmic vitality and are precursors to a quasi-presto section replete with thirty-second notes that are interspersed with miniature rests, creating fascinating rhythmic patterns.
Students should be familiar with rhythms that inch*de dotted-eighth followed by two thirty-second notes and several syncopated rhythmic patterns.
With a quiet intensity, the rubato becomes more active, with constant figuration in thirty-second notes.
It contains a recurring rhythm of sixteenth, dotted sixteenth and thirty-second notes that is difficult to discern.