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being eight more than thirty


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Hence we have the truly wonderful fact, that in James Island, of the thirty-eight Galapageian plants, or those found in no other part of the world, thirty are exclusively confined to this one island; and in Albemarle Island, of the twenty- six aboriginal Galapageian plants, twenty-two are confined to this one island, that is, only four are at present known to grow in the other islands of the archipelago; and so on, as shown in the above table, with the plants from Chatham and Charles Islands.
He left Sweden when he was eighteen, is now thirty-eight, and in all the intervening time has not been home once.
NOWSHERA -- Advisory to Chief Minister for Mining Zia Ullah Afridi raided various places on Saturday and held thirty-eight people involved in illegal excavation in search of gold Zia Ullah said the illegal search of gold was in its peak beside river Kabul and river Indus.
Summary: Rabat - Thirty-eight A/H1N1 death cases were reported in Morocco so far, said the Health Ministry on Tuesday in a statement.
Oh, Rachel: An Esoteric Love Story is an emotionally involving romance between a thirty-eight year old woman and the lawyer she seeks legal aid from.
Director evaluations: Thirty-eight percent of companies performed individual director evaluations in 2005, and 45 percent are planning to do such evaluations in 2006, up sharply from the 27 percent in 2004.
Thirty-eight percent of Antelope Valley adults had problems accessing health care services, compared with 33.
The American Cancer Society has a proud history of supporting promising early research, having now funded thirty-eight Nobel Prize winners early in their careers, a remarkable and unmatched feat.
Selected and compiled by Charles Brooks (past president of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists, and himself an award winning cartoonist for the "Birmingham News" for thirty-eight years), the political cartoons comprising Best Editorial Cartoons Of The Year: 2005 Edition are drawn from the best that the nation's newspapers had to offer their readers.
I am a Cuban American--born and raised in Cuba--and I'm thirty-eight years old.
This year, TMTA officers provided a leadership handbook for thirty-eight board members and sixty-three local association presidents.
The disparate subjects of these series are given the same careful attention and are painted in the same pale sienna on the same size paper (forty-eight by thirty-eight inches), which produces an intriguing leveling effect; indeed, seen en masse, the works seem to blur together, each fading in the face of the homogeneity of its own series and the overall group.
Only the BH&HS (formerly SBHS) has been a publisher without interruption during the journal's thirty-eight years.
With more than 300 students participating in thirty-eight weeks of formal training annually; the SFB School is the largest professional ballet school in the Western United States.