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  • adj

Synonyms for thirsty


eager for


  • eager for
  • longing for
  • hungry for
  • dying for
  • yearning for
  • lusting for
  • craving for
  • thirsting for
  • burning for
  • hankering for
  • itching for
  • greedy for
  • desirous of
  • avid for
  • athirst for

Synonyms for thirsty

needing or desiring drink

having little or no precipitation

Synonyms for thirsty

needing moisture

Related Words

feeling a need or desire to drink


(usually followed by 'for') extremely desirous

Related Words

able to take in large quantities of moisture

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Feeling thirsty, you've been putting on a lot of weight recently, and diabetes runs in the family.
inks, Stockton and Thirsty Souls, or online at regentlive.
edu/news/2016/08/403776/new-understanding-thirst-emerges-brain-study) reportedly said, "You eat something salty and you instantly beginning to feel thirsty even though that food is just in your mouth.
A thirsty heart longs for love—even if its owner doesn't know it.
Different areas of the brain involved in emotional decision-making were activated when people drank water after becoming thirsty and when study participants followed instructions to keep drinking when no longer thirsty, he said.
The Thirsty Energy initiative will support more integrated energy-water planning, as well as quantify and measure tradeoffs and synergies between water and energy resource management, said a senior official.
The events of Mid Staffordshire, where horror stories emerged of patients being so thirsty they had to resort to drinking dirty vase water were a source of shame.
A: Diabetes can cause various symptoms which include feeling thirsty all the time.
Thursday - KWVA-FM Thirsty Thursdays Radio Interview, Stringed Oasis live and Rose Bent call-in, Erb Memorial Union, 1222 E.
Thirsty Pig owner Allison Stevens has overseen development of the event, which will take place November 4th-11th at various locations throughout the city.
STAY THIRSTY, a head second to Flat Out in Saturday's Jockey Club Gold Cup at Belmont Park, will begin his stallion career at Coolmore's Ashford Stud in Kentucky next year, writes Martin Stevens.
A cooling drink on a hot summer's day was all the thirsty members of the Huddersfield-based Slubbing Billys Morris dance team wanted.
To avoid being thirsty, drink eight to 10 cups of non-alcoholic, caffeine-free fluid a day.
How thirsty humans react to water sources that vary in palatability has not been investigated, although it is known that thirst increases positive hedonic evaluations of room-temperature tapwater (Rolls et al.
The stand-up comedian swapped his normal day job and stepped behind the bar at the Live theatre to serve some thirsty customers as part of a national campaign.