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with eagerness


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With contentions that it is not only processed food, but almost all varieties of aerated beverages, the so-called 'soft drinks' so thirstily sought after to counter the effects of the scorching sun during summers, also contain appreciable degree of pesticides, one is at pains to comprehend whether one is actually left with a choice of the type of food and drink one should be consuming
Vast sales of dolls and fashion plates demonstrate that women reacted thirstily to their portrayal of femininity as a buxom, responsive display.
Suitably attired, with ladle, he thirstily licked his lips as the head chef, Frank Hunt (left) poured in the sherry in September 1957
She and her Mabou Mines cohort spent many years thirstily investigating every idea about acting, from '50s Happenings in San Francisco to Stanislavsky to the Open Theater to Grotowski.
The nation drank thirstily his beloved voice, which flowed from the depths," Peres said in a statement.
For the formation of the administration President Bashir needs 50% which is totally contrary to all agreements on Abyei, despite the fact he (Bashir) and his government recognized the Nine Ngok Dinka chiefdoms territory according to the 2009 Hague ruling, and still they are thirstily demanding participation of nomads in the administration.
Given that English audiences are yet to benefit from official streams of every Premier League game, and not all appeared to be thirstily supping in a pub that had access to a grey-area satellite subscription from Asia or Scandinavia, it is fair to assume that a good number of them were watching on their laptop.
The poisoned chalice lines, which Polanski so assiduously avoids in his screenplay, seem nevertheless to have served him as inspiration for the dreadful action, interpolated into the scene of Macbeth's second visit to the witches, during which we see him thirstily quaffing the ghastly "baboon's blood" mixed with other demonic ingredients from the cauldron.
But the experiment with writing poetry of quieter, more transparent speech, in which the subjective self is absent, left a style that later American poets would return to, and techniques of presentation and juxtaposition thirstily absorbed into other, more complex poems.
Yet it turns out that in all my years of explaining, thirstily, that this is a newspaper, that is a headline and no, you can't interview Lady Gaga.
It will also bag better service and more jobs, something Pakistan thirstily needs, but we could hope for the best, without hoping for the good, we couldn't do anything because our policy makers are in cradle's deep nap.