thirst for knowledge

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curiosity that motivates investigation and study

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He asked the students to create real thirst for knowledge, and try to live for others.
Each year, SICFF builds upon the success of its previous editions by encouraging not just a love of the films themselves, but also by inspiring a thirst for knowledge of the techniques and skills behind the productions," said Shaikha Jawaher Bint Abdullah Al Qasimi, Director of FUNN and SICFF.
This philosophical romp proves that love trumps even a thirst for knowledge.
His impressive academic record is underpinned by consistent hard work and a keen thirst for knowledge in all things scientific.
He hoped that a record number of people will participate in the book fair to quench their thirst for knowledge like last year and get maximum benefit from this activity, highlighting the message of love for knowledge and book.
His professional development has been fueled by his thirst for knowledge, commitment to excellence, and ability to foster relationships.
Your thirst for knowledge whets you wits By far your most important bits.
I felt that my thirst for knowledge was being strangled by my teachers; grades were their only measurement.
It is vital to maintain a thirst for knowledge, be able to forecast trends, keep an open mind, learn to adapt and, most importantly, put this knowledge forward.
Howard was self-educated and had an insatiable thirst for knowledge and he spent some time in India, searching for the plant that the mysterious mind and body-altering drink Soma was derived from in the ancient Indian and Persian religious texts.
Leonardo da Vinci was born during the Renaissance period, and had an insatiable thirst for knowledge and the means to pursue it.
What I mean by that is he has a massive thirst for knowledge and thirst for the game, and he will drive people's preparation to be at the same standard as his.
With their endless thirst for knowledge, children can't have too many of these on their book shelves and this volume tracks the story of evolution in a fun yet authoritative way.
Slickly co-hosted and produced by Seth Shostak, an astronomer at SETI, and Molly Bentley, who has previously worked as a science journalist for the BBC, this is a must-listen podcast ideal for those with a thirst for knowledge.
GIVING children a thirst for knowledge with an innovative use of technology has helped David Adams raise pupils' attainment and reduce inequity.