thirst for knowledge

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curiosity that motivates investigation and study

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According to Hayden, he was impressed by the thirst for knowledge and the intelligence displayed by Ferling, which is a valuable asset in a modern athlete.
Paris : French President Francois Hollande hailed Pakistani teen Malala Yousafzai, who was shot by the Taleban for championing girls' education, as a global emblem of the thirst for knowledge.
The event seeks to develop children's curiosity and thirst for knowledge and encourage them to read and gather historical and tourist information," Thoraya Batarjee, who launched the idea of the competition, said in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency yesterday.
He had, like you, an insatiable thirst for knowledge which he, thank God, passed on to his children.
WHAT is desperate, though, is something appearing more regularly on the Letters page: a thirst for knowledge.
There are times when we thirst for knowledge, and others when we rather retract ourselves and ponder upon our experiences to come up with our own conclusions.
UPSTAIRS & DOWNSTAIRS: THE ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO THE REAL WORLD OF DOWNTON ABBEY BY SARAH WARWICK (Carlton Books, pounds 20) WITH the anticipated return of Downton Abbey to television, our thirst for knowledge of what went on during the Edwardian era has never been greater.
These challenges call for encouraging a sense of critical inquiry and a thirst for knowledge among the students.
We have a rich past and it is open-mindedness and a thirst for knowledge and discovery that enabled our culture to shine so brightly.
Seventy percent of the books were in Arabic, 20% in English and other languages and 10% in Persian," said Abbas, adding the large number of visitors in only six days indicates Iraqi readers' thirst for knowledge.
00) tells of a boy with a thirst for knowledge and mischief--who turns his energy into skills and knowledge that resulted in dozens of new inventions.
iTunes U gives learners and anybody with a thirst for knowledge free access to a library of educational podcasts, similar to the way music-lovers have flexible access to music using Apple's iTunes Store.
His thirst for knowledge and appetite for innovation produced spectacular results over his 32-year training career.