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mail consisting of printed matter qualifying for reduced postal rates

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inexpensive accommodations on a ship or train

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We are being given the message that we are third-class citizens of the country we created.
Bulgaria's Regional Development Minister said that the implementation of a part of the projects under the government's Public Investment Program Growth and Sustainable Development of Regions had started, adding that the total of over BGN 50 M provided in 2014 would go to the completion of repairs of over 270km of second-class roads and third-class roads which were in an exceptionally poor condition.
would be made available under the new program "Regions in Growth 2014-2020" for repairs of first-, second-, and third-class roads connected to trans-European corridors.
With effect from 24 July 2008, third-class medical certificates for pilots under the age of 40 will now have to be renewed every 60 months, rather than every 36 months.
He shows, for example, that there could not have been an anarchic rush to board the last lifeboats, because the vast majority of third-class passengers did not reach the boat deck until after all the lifeboats had been launched.
8) A replica of a typical third-class cabin features blankets emblazoned with the White Star logo.
The final rule on third-class nonprofit mail eligibility restrictions took effect October 1.
3%), as was the third-class, regular bulk rate, which has been recommended to go up 14%, also more than the 10.
For example, a different target group could be used to reduce the quantity or third-class delivery selected instead of first-class.
Chaikov, as cited by the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency, specified that a total of around EUR 170 M would be made available under the new program "Regions in Growth 2014-2020" for repairs of first-, second-, and third-class roads connected to trans-European networks.
Then, he is calling us, the school clerks and secretaries, ``little people'' who deserve only a little pay increase of 6 percent, which is much lower than the increases of teachers and administrators, and thereby treating us as third-class workers.
The items are particularly valuable because bride-to-be Miss Roth was one of the few third-class passengers to survive the tragedy.
Postal Service--proposed regulations aimed at denying paid advertising in third-class nonprofit periodicals may signal a deathblow to many publications.
The trade association representing third-class mailers charges that the American Newspaper Publishers Association "shot itself in the foot" by seeking higher third-class rates that raised costs for newspapers.
That's apparently what happened in this coastal village where authorities suspect the postman didn't even ring once when it came to delivering thousands of pieces of third-class mail.