third trimester

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time period extending from the 28th week of gestation until delivery

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The researchers interrupted sleep for half of the mice during days 15 through 19 of pregnancy, the mouse equivalent of the third trimester.
Mohammad Salem Al Daheri, Executive Director of School Operations at Adec, who approved the third trimester final exam schedule in the emirate of Abu Dhabi for the school year 2012-2013, lauded the decision issued by the Ministry of Education to extend exam time from 90 to 110 minutes in order to allow sufficient time for students to answer exam questions.
The company informed us that it is going ahead according to its working schedule and that the confirmation drilling is expected to take place in the third trimester of 2013", he pointed out.
The dietary assessment of pregnant women was done at the end of first, second and third trimester, three times during pregnancy, and food intakes were obtained using 24-hour dietary recall method.
Non-pregnant adult and third trimester normal pregnant
Researchers have found pregnant women who have too little or too much sleep in the first three months of pregnancy have higher blood pressures in the third trimester.
It is worth noting that the vaccination campaign launched by the Ministry of Health few weeks ago, included women in the third trimester of pregnancy, those suffering from kidney and heart failure, children with type 1 diabetes, and patients with AIDS, thalassaemia and severe asthma.
This study examined self-reported antiretroviral adherence in HIV-positive pregnant and post-partum women participating in the US Women and Infants Transmission Study, based on interviews during the third trimester of pregnancy and six months post-partum.
For example, 55-67% of women with unintended pregnancies had begun receiving prenatal care during the first trimester, compared with 86% of those whose pregnancies had been planned; 12-23% and 8%, respectively, had smoked during the third trimester.
The third trimester involves acclimating the dog to baby smells, leash training, and jumbling the dog's routine so that it doesn't expect or demand to be fed/walked/etc.
In a review of the Tennessee Medicaid program from 1974 through 1993, pregnant women in their third trimester were 3-4 times as likely as postpartum women to be hospitalized for an acute cardiopulmonary condition during influenza season (21).
Women in their second and third trimester of pregnancy - those more than 12 weeks pregnant -should be "routinely" offered an inactivated form of the vaccine, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) has said.
A survey of current scientific knowledge on the possibility that fetuses feel pain has shown that a human fetus probably does not have the functional capacity to experience pain until at least the third trimester of pregnancy.
Blood samples were taken from 32 women in the second trimester and 28 in the third trimester.
When first-trimester plasma lead concentrations were included in the model, plasma lead concentrations in the second and third trimester were not significantly associated with MDI.