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(baseball) the person who plays third base

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The hard-hitting third sacker joined the Braves lineup in mid-1971 and remained a regular in the majors until 1988.
Watkins had retained an option on the slick-fielding third sacker and reacquired him, but soon again decided he needed more offense at third base.
Jimmy Collins was considered preeminent at foiling bunts among turn-of-the-century third sackers, and his skill in making the play helped him earn a place in the Hall of Fame and led many of his contemporaries to proclaim him the greatest third baseman of all time.
Owen was regarded as a brittle third sacker with tremendous potentialities.
At the center of the storm was Yankees' third base coach Clete Boyer, who made some sensational assists during his tenure as a Yankee third sacker, but none like the one he made that night.
First baseman Keith Hernandez and shortstop Ozzie Smith are among the all-time best gloves at their positions, and second baseman Tommy Herr and third sacker Ken Oberkfell were above-average as well.
The throw beat him but Gene Freese, the Pirates' third sacker, also committed a mental error when he stepped on the bag instead of tagging Thomson, who was safe at third.
Louis in '69, and in 1970, he split the year as a catcher and third baseman before becoming the Cards' everyday third sacker during his MVP season in 1971.
Despite playing in only 109 games at third he led all National League third sackers with 22 errors.
Listed below are all major league third sackers who hit 30 or more HR and won a Gold Glove in the same season along with their team, homers hit and fielding percentage.
Players with famous names included third sackers Aaron Boone, son of Bob Boone, and Preston Wilson, stepson of Mookie Wilson; pitcher Todd Blyleven, son of Bert Blyleven; and Craig Griffey, brother of Ken Griffey Jr.
Collect five points for each of these third sackers you can identify.